Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adds Castlevania's Simon Belmont And A Lot More

Simon Belmont in Smash Bros.

One of Nintendo's most beloved series, Castlevania, is finally getting some representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Simon and Richter Belmont were revealed during this morning's Direct, along with a metric ton of fresh details. From new characters and stages to assist trophies, modes and more, Director Masahiro Sakurai walked series fans through nearly 30 minutes of announcements that make it clear this is going to be a big, big game.

This morning's Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct opened with a reveal trailer for Simon Belmont, star of the first Castlevania game. The good news was only just beginning for series fans, though, as Richter Belmont was also shown off as an Echo Character for Simon. On top of that, Alucard will be an assist in the game, the Living Castle is a rad new stage and a massive version of Dracula will pop up from time to time as a boss encounter. Also, various iconic enemies from the series will occasionally invade the new map to cause trouble and more than 30 songs from the history of Castlevania will be part of the soundtrack.

Hard to believe, but that was only the tip of the ice berg for this morning's fresh Smash Bros. details. We're going to try to touch on some of the bigger announcements here but, if you've got the time, the full Direct is embedded below and will definitely keep series -- or even basic Nintendo -- fans entertained.

For starters, the Belmonts weren't the only new characters to earn a moment in the spotlight. Donkey Kong baddie and highly requested King K. Rool has also been revealed as a new playable character, with Dark Samus and Chrom earning spots as new Echo fighters for Samus and Roy, respectively.

The stage roster is also receiving a huge boost, with 103 arenas announced for the game. Each stage is playable in three modes too, so you're basically looking at a battlefield collection of 300-plus. Oh, and now you can pick two stages if you like. Doing so will cause the first stage to morph into the second stage partway through a battle, which sounds like a pretty great new feature.

For you music fans in the audience, it was also revealed that the game will boast more than 800 music tracks, which you can listen to in custom-made playlists. This mode will allow the music player to keep rolling even if the Switch is put to sleep, meaning you can basically treat it like a Nintendo jukebox when you're on the go.

Also on display were some of Smash's new modes that let you host a 32 player tournament or compete in 3v3 or 5v5 showdowns. A Smash Down mode was also revealed, a tournament that removes characters from the roster each round after they've been used.

Sakurai also dished details on new assist characters, such as a bunch of new Pokemon, X from the Mega Man series, Shovel Knight and even a Rathalos from Monster Hunter.

Despite all of that, it looks like a couple more characters are still being kept under wraps and an entire section of the game's menu is being blurred out for the time being, hiding a new mode that was not announced. With Smash Bros. Ultimate set to launch in December, it looks like Nintendo somehow still has some surprises left to reveal in the coming months.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.