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11 Marvel And DC Characters The Boys Cast Could Play
Where To Watch The Boys Cast While Waiting For Season 3

The Boys are back in town, but where else have they been?

The Boys Creator Talks The Church Of The Collective And Explains All The Fresca References

If you wondered what was up with all that Fresca talk, you weren't alone.

What The Boys' Chace Crawford Thought About The Deep's 'Super Weird' Gills Scene In Season 2
The Boys Cast Tells Fans To 'Wear A F-ing Mask' In Hilarious New Video

The Boys' heroes and villains are coming together with an important message for fans.

9 Awesome Details The Boys Cast Just Revealed About Season 2

The Boys cast gave fans a lot of big hints and teases about the chaos coming in Season 2.

Shooting The Boys' Disturbing Gills Scene Sounds Like It Was A Nightmare

This scene was so visceral and disturbing, even for the actors.

The Boys' Chace Crawford Shares Hilarious Story Behind Character's Penis Bulge

Chace Crawford had a good laugh about how "Deep" the Boys marketing team went.

Why Chace Crawford Wasn't Allowed To Do His Captain America Screen Test
Movie News
Chace Crawford Knows How He Can Be In The Gossip Girl Reboot
Seth Rogen's The Boys TV Show Cast A Bunch Of Its Superheroes

The Boys TV adaptation is happening over at Amazon, and a big group of superheroes has been cast.

Dennis Quaid, Chace Crawford And Matthew Morrison All Learn What To Expect When You're Expecting

Given the amount of detail the studio reveals in all of these press releases, it seems possible to assemble the film's entire plot if you put your mind to it. Quaid will be playing the husband of Brooklyn Decker's character-- yes, 57-year-old Quaid will be movie married to a 24-year-old supermodel

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Chace Crawford Woos His Old Babysitter Katie Holmes In Rom-Com Responsible Adults

Setting aside the icky but potentially hilarious central conceit, I like the roles that both actors are being assigned here. Holmes turns 33 this year but has never really moved past her Dawson's Creek ingenue status, both thanks to her married-to-Tom-Cruise slow career

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Trailer For Twelve Has Pretty People Doing Dumb Things

Of the 25 reviews that our own Katey Rich did at this years Sundance Film Festival, the one she wrote for Joel Schumacher's Twelve was probably the most intriguing. It's fairly easy to make a groan-worthy suckfest

Trailer For Joel Schumacher's Hilarious Sundance Bomb Twelve

If you happen to be a giant fan of Chace Crawford or Emma Roberts and want to see how they got into this mess, check out the trailer for Twelve below, released on YouTube by distributor Hannover House

Jim From The Office Could Be Captain America?

More interesting than that only vaguely believable shortlist is the notion that whoever gets the job will end up signing a deal which includes an option for an eye-popping 9 future films. Those would include sequels, other Avengers movies

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Sundance Review: Twelve

When the movie ends without a single one of the annoying characters getting sliced in half with a blade, it's almost unbelievably disappointing. We've earned the right to see these characters dispatched with in the most violent way possible

This Is It Director Bails On Footloose Remake

Of course Ortega isn't the first key player to bounce on the project-- Zac Efron had to be replaced by Chace Crawford just a few months after he'd signed on

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Chace Crawford Is Kevin Bacon's Footloose Replacement

Paramount’s Footloose remake has a star and his name is Chace Crawford. At one point Zac Efron was rumored to be involved, but he bowed out to do something less silly. If Crawford is the biggest name they could land

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