Fandoms Collide As Marvel’s Sebastian Stan Wishes His Gossip Girl Buddy (And The Boys Star) Chace Crawford A Happy Birthday

Sebastian Stan and Chace Crawford
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If there’s one thing superhero fans love, it’s a good crossover. There’s honestly nothing like seeing your favorite characters meet and chop it up on screen. But what’s arguably even more of a treat is seeing the actors interact off camera, and Sebastian Stan just initiated a seriously cool mash-up of fandoms. The Marvel vet took to social media to wish his Gossip Girl co-star, Chace Crawfordd (who’s also on The Boys), a happy birthday. And as you’d expect, the post is sweet. 

Fans probably still have vivid memories of watching Sebastian Stan and Chace Crawford play Carter Baizen and Nate Archibald, respectively, on the hit CW drama. While their two characters had a rivalry, there seems to be nothing but love between the stars themselves. At least, that’s the feeling one would get after taking a look at the birthday greeting Stan posted to his Instagram stories. The delightful tribute is available for you to see down below: 

Sebastian Stan's Instagram stories

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It’s wonderful to see that the two have remained chummy in the years since their time on the show. Such a sweet message is definitely enough to unite fans of Marvel, The Boys and Gossip Girl. (And if I’m being honest, I’m now wondering what a three-way crossover between those three properties would look like.)

Sebastian Stan actually has a pretty fun track record when it comes to crafting b-day wishes. He once sent a truly adorable birthday message to Anthony Mackie, who most recently worked with on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (which is streamable with a Disney+ subscription). The actor even celebrated the birthday of his character, the Winter Soldier, with some throwback pics from the set of 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Said images were a more-than-fitting way to pay tribute to Bucky Barnes, in my opinion. 

But going back to the subject of crossovers, I’m sure there are plenty who would love to see Barnes cross paths with Chace Crawford’s The Deep from The Boys. Marvel’s soldier-turned-assassin-turned-do-gooder probably wouldn’t know what to make of Crawford’s aquatic character. I don’t know what would shock Bucky more: the Deep’s “super weird” gills or the character’s penis bulge. It’s hard to say how such a meeting would go down but, if played correctly, it could be a superhero scene for the ages. 

Of course, one could also sprinkle a little bit of Gossip Girl into the scenario as well. Even if there’s no explicit connection or reference to the franchise, a meta moment in which the two super-powered characters claim that they look familiar to one another could be fun. Yes, I know the chances of this mash-up happening are slim, but fans like myself can at least dream, right?

If you want to follow Sebastian Stan’s lead and celebrate Chace Crawford’s birthday, stream The Boys using your Amazon Prime subscription or check out the OG Gossip Girl show with an HBO Max subscription.

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