The Boys’ Chace Crawford Gets Honest About Eating ‘Like Crap’ During His Gossip Girl Era, And What’s Changed Now That He’s Playing A Superhero

Chace Crawford as The Deep.
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It’s hard to believe that before he was fish-loving superhero The Deep on Amazon’s The Boys, Chace Crawford was Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl. With the two roles being so very different from each other and with a wide gap between them time-wise, Crawford recently opened up about how he ate during his era on The CW and what’s changed now that he’s playing a superhero.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Chace Crawford discussed his workout regimen and his diet. He got honest about not eating very well in his 20s, despite still keeping fit:

I guess the biggest thing that’s changed is my diet. I ate like crap in my early 20s. I still worked out, but it was a lot of pizza and booze and beer. Not that I don’t do those things now. ’Cause I do.

Chace Crawford was a little more indulgent with his diet back in his Gossip Girls days, which had to be easier to get away with as a 20-something who doesn't spend his days on set in a skin-tight superhero costume. He hasn't totally given up the pizza and beer, but he has made some changes.

Now that he’s on The Boys, playing a superhero calls for a tougher routine than playing a preppy rich boy in the Upper East Side. Crawford revealed his secrets about his diet and finding something that worked for him:

Going into The Boys, my main goal was just to get shredded. I was just going to try and, like, get as shredded as possible. Kind of have fun with that. Tried Keto, loved it, felt the effects from that, but it wasn’t for me. You know, when you’re counting carbs in asparagus, I cannot. Went back to doing something more normal… But you know, I still try and stay shredded.

It makes sense that playing a superhero would require a change in routine, but it’s nice to know that Chace Crawford was still able to find something that he can stick to. He didn't reveal whether or not this diet includes fish, which might be a question on the mind of The Boys fans. The Deep would not approve, especially after what happened to his buddy Timothy.

Meanwhile, despite his eating like crap during his Gossip Girl years, Crawford has expressed interest in returning for the reboot. In 2019, after the reboot was initially announced, he admitted that he never got a call but thinks he could return as someone’s father. Unfortunately, that has yet to happen, though with Season 2 of Gossip Girl on the horizon, perhaps he can make a cameo?

With Season 4 of The Boys in the works, Chace Crawford will have to keep up with his routine for at least a little while, though it doesn’t seem like he minds. While we don’t know too much about Season 4 of The Boys, it should be interesting to see what will happen following the intense Season 3 finale.

The Deep officially returned to The Seven after a bit of controversy in Season 3. He even took part in the wild Herogasm storyline, in an episode that will go down as one of the most memorable of the series. What will happen in Season 4 is unknown, but it would be hard to top that episode.

All three seasons of The Boys are streaming on Amazon Prime with a subscription!

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