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Hugh Jackman Shared A Throwback Pic Of His Pup For National Puppy Day That's Obviously Adorable

Hugh Jackman may have had the best post from National Puppy Day.

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Netflix's Dogs Series Has A Trailer, And It's Super Cute And Heartwarming

There's a lot of cute doggies in the trailer for this upcoming documentary series.

Now Your Pets Can Play Games With This Pet-Friendly Console

Plenty of times people post videos on Facebook depicting their cat or dog chasing something on their iPhone or iPad. Some developers have even gone as far as creating apps made especially for animals to play with. At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES), one developer debuted a console, titled Cleverpet, made especially for pets—and it’s pretty awesome.

Dwayne Johnson Saved A Puppy's Life This Weekend Because He's The Hero We All Need

The Rock is awesome. Who didn't already know that though? As if to reenforce how deserved that status is, Dwayne Johnson shared this photo, and a story with it about how he saved his new French Bulldog puppy pals from drowning...

Uggie, The Dog From The Artist, Dies At 13

Uggie the dog, the canine star of The Artist, is a true rags to riches story, but one that has come to a close, as the beloved animal actor has passed away at the age of 13.

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Jedi Fighting Dogs? Star Wars: Episode VIII's Director Dreamt A Bizarre Star Wars Scene

Star War Episode VIII director Rian Johnson dreamt of a particularly unusual enemy for the newest generation of benevolent Force wielders to face: dogs.

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Dog Hospitalized After Eating 43 Of These Household Items

Some dogs eat clothes. And for a dog who doesn't discriminate against garments as a form of potential sustenance, a sock might make for a good snack. But we all know snacking's better in moderation. There's a difference between one or two socks and say, forty-three of them. Or forty-three and a half, which is the number of socks one Great Dane ingested and had to have removed from its stomach.

Humans Are The Reason Dogs Are Cute

Most of my friends have pets of some kind, whether it's a few fish or a whole menagerie with lizards, cats and of course, dogs. Now, not being a dog person doesn't mean that I still don't find pooches absolutely adorable. I just don't like cleaning up after them, or walking them. A recent study has discovered that it's no accident that we are drawn to canines and find them terribly cute.

Watch This Dog Show A Little Girl How To Crawl

There are two things that everyone loves no matter what they try to tell you, and that's puppies and babies. Even as a cat person, I can't resist a cute young canine when they're doing something adorable, and human babies are equally as precious in a different way. So while I personally don't want any of either infant mammal, a recent YouTube video was too sweet to not share.

This Dog And Horse Are BFFs

If you look up “greatest horse and dog duos” on Google, you will find absolutely nothing and might make some sort of NSA list. This just goes to show you just how unique a friendship this obscenely small pony and dog have. “Staffy” and “Minihorse” (guess which ones which) are the type of bros who will wash each other when the other one is looking grimey. I now understand why I’m on the NSA list...

This Dog Loves Leaf Blowers More Than You Love Anything

I think it's universally accepted that some people are dog people, and some are cat people. From the first time I had to scoop a bag of dog poo at a dog park for a friend, I was reminded that I am most definitely a cat person. I will admit, however, that I have a soft spot for cute dogs and dogs doing silly things. A hilarious viral video of one silly puppy definitely got a few giggles out of me.

Stupid Dog At Bowling Alley Teaches Us About Mistakes

This video proves that some dogs aren’t the brightest, but they are so cute you love them anyway. Take one part curiosity and mix it with fear and a refusal to give up, and you have this Border Collie interacting with this buzzing sensor in a bowling alley. The thing is terrified every time the buzzer goes off, yet it foolishly keeps going right in to check it out.

Dog Steals Glove And Show At College Softball Game

A dog steals a couple gloves and puts a collegiate softball game at a standstill in this hilarious video. The dog managed to stay on the field longer than most streakers, got his own highlight reel, and exited without being arrested. This is a video about a Pit Bull that you’d love to see for a change. It can even be argued that he brought additional entertainment value to a very boring game.

Clever Pooch Plays Fetch Alone

It's no secret that I'm a cat person. Cats are pretty much hands off unless its cuddle time and find ways to play on their own with everything from paper to their actual toys. However, when I see a dog that is learning from a cat's independent ways, it makes me reconsider getting a puppy

This Bulldog And Baby May Seem Cute, But The Baby's Eyes Tell A Different Story

Forty seven heart warming seconds of a view into someone’s life that resembles the beginning plot of a boy and his dog film. The formula is there, the parents are cooing and carrying on, and all signs would have you believe is showing your typical cute babies and animals video. This is not the case.

Watch This Veterinarian Sit In A Parked Car With Cracked Windows For 30 Minutes

Dr. Ward loaded this video onto YouTube over a year ago, but it took the general public a really long time to catch on. Luckily, they finally did, and the footage has been shooting around the Internet pretty quickly over the past few days. It’s not rapidly approaching two hundred thousand views, and given how well it illustrates something we’ve all heard before, its success isn’t terribly surprising.

Memphis Man Accused Of Putting A Puppy In The Dishwasher

A maintenance man in Memphis, Tennessee made a grisly discovery this week when he noticed a trash bag inside a dumpster and opened it to find a dead puppy. He immediately alerted police, and after an investigation, authorities were able to piece together a shocking and offensive act of animal cruelty. Apparently, twenty-seven-year-old Marcus Curry decided to stick the poor puppy in the washing machine for his own amusement, and not surprisingly, the little guy died during the cycle.

Check Out This Woman's Strange Combination Of Animals

Have you ever seen a group of people sitting together at a bar and wondered how in the hell such a strange and motley crew had ever come to a) know each other and b) become friends? Well, Erica Griffith knows that feeling well, though humorously, her motley crew isn’t filled with human beings but instead animals. Over the years, she’s brought home five rescue dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, as well as a cat and a duck, and together, they form one of the most bizarre groups you’re ever likely to see.

Watch This Tired Great Dane Refuse To Get Up

Dogs are typically pretty enthusiastic creatures. If you bring up going for a walk, they’ll beat you to the door. If you bring up bacon, they’ll wag their tails and stand next to the oven. If nothing else, they just want to be a member of the family and in on the occasion, except once in a blue moon when all they want to do is get some damn sleep.

Watch This Thirsty Dog Fall In The Pool

People are funny about letting their dogs swim in the pool. I’ve known some owners who have let their breeds paddle along every single time the family jumps inside the swimming hole, and I’ve known other owners who don’t even let the poor canines look at the pool without reminding them they’re not allowed in. Luckily for Coda, her owner seems pretty amused by the whole thing.

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