Netflix's Dogs Series Has A Trailer, And It's Super Cute And Heartwarming

Netflix has excelled at shows about food, conspiracies, and the supernatural, but there aren't many to be found about man's best friend. That may soon change when the streaming service premieres the adorbs upcoming series Dogs, which recently revealed its first trailer and November premiere date. Anyone unprepared for super-cute doggos and heartwarming stories should get ready, because this video may cause viewers to throw treats at the screens to reward these sweet and brave pups.

Dogs has quite a lot going for it, based on that trailer, and most of it incredibly heart-warming. There's also a tease of potential sadness when we see a dog trapped in a war-torn country, and the children with disabilities who need a four-legged companion. They're all stories that look riveting enough to attract even those who don't like dogs to tune in, although they may be dissuaded by the non-obscure title.

While Dogs will breach some "ruff" subjects, its Netflix description labels it as "inspirational journey" that explores the magical bond between dogs and humans. That hopefully means some of these sadder situations will get happy endings, although we have no guarantees that'll be the case. That said, each story is supposed to highlight the love that humans and dogs share, so we're optimistic there will be far more smiles than tears in the end.

This isn't the usual kind of overarching dog documentary series that focuses on the general skills and attributes of different breeds, as Netflix intends to deep dive into some fairly heavy stuff with Dogs. Specifically, viewers will get to watch six different stories from around the world that focus on the various bonds between dogs and their upright mates.

Each story of Dogs is helmed by an acclaimed director or two, with Glen Zipper having developed the project. Dogs boasts three Academy Award-winning filmmakers in Undefeated's T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay, as well as Music By Prudence's Roger Ross Williams. 16 Acres' Richard Hankin, who was involved in the disturbing, Emmy-winning true crime series The Jinx, was behind one installment, as was noted Jesus Camp director Heidi Ewing. Deliver Us From Evil's Amy Berg will also helm an ep, in addition to serving as an executive producer alongside Zipper.

While each of those director's noted projects dives into territory far removed and sometimes far darker than Dogs seems to be heading, there's no denying this is a smorgasbord of top talent. With an all-star lineup of noted documentary directors like this, Dogs is a series that fans of the unscripted genre won't want to miss. We're certainly excited, and now also somewhat worried that a dog will belchingly confess to a murder, what with that Jinx editor being involved.

Dogs (opens in new tab) Season 1 will be available to stream in full on Netflix on Friday, November 16, at 12:01 a.m. PT. For a look at what else will be popping up on television around that time, visit our 2018 Netflix schedule and our fall premiere guide.

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