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Dog Steals Glove And Show At College Softball Game

A dog steals a couple gloves and puts a collegiate softball game at a standstill in this hilarious video. The dog managed to stay on the field longer than most streakers, got his own highlight reel, and exited without being arrested. This is a video about a Pit Bull that you’d love to see for a change. It can even be argued that he brought additional entertainment value to a very boring game.

It’s the second inning and the home team is already up 8 runs! This dog revitalized the crowd’s interest in a game that was over after the first inning. The home team scored the equivalent of two grand slams ... you know it’s not going to be pretty after that.

So then the dog comes out of nowhere, steals the second baseman’s glove and she looks like she’s about to throw a fit. Before she can diva out, however, the dog drops it and goes for the left fielder. This was a tremendous snag and totally warranted the slo-mo replay it got…

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Then someone from the crowd helpfully screams “Hey dog, what the fuck?!,” like all the sudden the dog is going to just drop what he’s doing and respond. Seriously what was going through that person’s head when they screamed that? The dog reaches the height of his entertainment when he realizes no one on the field is fast enough to catch him and does celebratory rattle of the glove…

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Unfortunately a loud whistle takes him completely out of the fact that he was trying to avoid humans to begin with, and he foolishly travels to the first base coach to see what’s up. He gets his hard fought glove stolen, shooed away, and led back to his owner while the rest of the field continues to have a good laugh at the entertainment he brought to the blowout of a game. The event by itself was pretty hilarious but the production teams ability to hop on the play by play and provide color to the action, instant replays, and a score graphic at the end made the video true comedy gold and totally worthy of any other attention it will receive today. I can’t wait until the next local softball game so I can unleash my puppy on the field!

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