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The Resident Is Investigating Its Medical Consultant Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

The medical consultant for new medical TV show The Resident is under investigation. Here's what's happening.

How the X-Men Should Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thanks to the recently-announced merger between the Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox, everything will be changing in the next few months.

Gotham Is Giving Us The Lucius Fox We've Been Waiting For

Lucius Fox is going in some exciting directions when Gotham returns for the second half of Season 4.

Why The X-Files Doesn't Play Up Mulder And Scully's Romance

The X-Files has spent nearly a quarter of a century developing the relationship between Mulder and Scully, but the romance has remained almost entirely off-screen. Creator Chris Carter explained why.

Why Gotham's Chris Chalk Has No Problem Following Morgan Freeman As Lucius Fox

Following Morgan Freeman in any role could prove to be a daunting challenge for an actor, but Gotham's Chris Chalk is cool with it.

Fox's 9-1-1 Has Been Renewed For Season 2

Fox debuted an intense new show this month with 9-1-1, and the network has already ordered a second season for some pretty big reasons.

How The Gifted Season Finale Set Up Season 2, According To The Showrunner

Season 1 of The Gifted came to an end with a wild finale, and showrunner Matt Nix has already revealed how it sets up Season 2.

This Might Be The Simpsons' Most Impressive Prediction Yet

The Simpsons has made yet another accurate prediction, and this one might actually be the most impressive one yet.

The Crazy Way The X-Files Just Brought A Dead Character Back

The X-Files has found a variety of ways to bring unexpected characters back from what seemed like their deaths. The latest episode found a decidedly wild way of bringing a certain somebody back.

How The X-Files Chooses What To Bring Back From The Early Seasons

The X-Files returned to TV the airwaves for Season 11, and creator Chris Carter spoke to CinemaBlend about how the show chooses what to bring back from the early seasons.

New Gotham Pics Show Jerome Getting Bloody For His Season 4 Return

Jerome is returning to Gotham, and things will apparently get bloody immediately.

The Harrowing Real Life 911 Call That Inspired Ryan Murphy To Create His New Series

Ryan Murphy shares the horrifying story that led to the creation of 9-1-1.

Could The Disney And Fox Deal Affect The Doctor Doom Movie?

It was revealed last year that a Doctor Doom movie is in the works, but will that project be affected by the Disney and Fox deal that happened last month?

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Um, The Orville And Family Guy Might Do A Crossover Episode

This could be the weirdest TV crossover of 2018.

Could The X-Files Continue Without Gillian Anderson? Here's What The Creator Says

The X-Files creator Chris Carter has weighed in on whether or not there's a future for the series without leading lady Gillian Anderson.

New Girl Reveals Final Season Premiere Date, Returning Guest Stars And More

New information about the final season of New Girl has finally been revealed, and we can't wait to see what shenanigans the loft has in store next.

The X-Files Creator Confirms A Super Specific Detail About The Cigarette-Smoking Man

The Cigarette-Smoking Man has been shrouded in mystery from the very beginning of The X-Files. Fortunately, Chris Carter has confirmed one super specific detail about the man to CinemaBlend.

The Gifted Renewed For Season 2 At Fox

Want more from the mutant drama The Gifted? Fox has you covered.

Don Johnson Is Heading To Fox's LA To Vegas, Which Couldn't Sound More Wonderful

Fox's new show is giving Don Johnson an always welcome return to raunchy comedy.

The X-Files Creator Already Debunked A Season 11 Theory That Could Have Changed Everything

The X-Files only just returned to the airwaves for Season 11 and delivered a crazy twist. Show creator Chris Carter has already debunked a theory about that twist.

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