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The Powerpuff Girls: 8 Other Cartoons We Want To See As Live-Action

With a new live-action series of The Powerpuff Girls coming, here are other cartoons we think might work as a live-action.

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Your next big animated obsession is going to debut on Disney soon.

Disney's The Owl House Exclusive Opening Titles Video Will Get Gravity Falls Fans Pumped

For anybody who's still missing the neo-classic Gravity Falls, this new Disney series has a few familiar elements to it.

Louis C.K.'s Gravity Falls Character Has Been Completely Redubbed By Disney

Gravity Falls has completely scrubbed the comedian's voice from past episodes.

Arby's Has Been Dropping Awesome TV And Movie References On Social Media

Whoever is running the social media accounts for Arby's is clearly just as much of a pop culture geek as we are!

The Pokemon Movie May Hire Marvel And Gravity Falls Writers, And Now We're Interested

For those who still have an eyebrow raised about the new live action Pokemon movie, your interest may be piqued with the addition of these writers from Marvel and Gravity Falls.

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Check Out The Gravity Falls Creator's Touching Thank You To Fans

Much to the dismay of fans everywhere, the Gravity Falls is coming to an end. Hopefully, fans can find some sense of relief in knowing that the series creator has some very kind words for them.

When The Gravity Falls Series Finale Will Air

The finale for Disney XD's Gravity Falls finally has an air date set in stone, which will officially bring the series to its conclusion.

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