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What The Underworld Cast Is Doing Now

The crawled out from the Underworld and into what?

Kate Beckinsale Reveals Harvey Weinstein Once Screamed At Her And Called Her The C-Word
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The 10 Best Kate Beckinsale Movies, Ranked

Kate Beckinsale has starred in a variety of movies. Here are some personal favorites.

Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Reportedly Split

According to reports, Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are allegedly no longer seeing each other.

Kate Beckinsale Responds To Backlash Over Dating Pete Davidson

Kate Beckinsale responds to the media's continued interest in her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

SNL Slid In A James Bond Joke For Host Idris Elba But It Was The R. Kelly Show

It was an eventful episode. Also, Sandra Oh is hosting next!

Kate Beckinsale's Ex Wishes Pete Davidson 'Luck'

Kate Beckinsale's ex-boyfriend, comedian Matt Rife, had some cryptic word of advice to give to Pete Davidson.

Kate Beckinsale Sidesteps Questions About Dating Pete Davidson

Kate Beckinsale gives a sassy response to rumors that she is dating Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson after they were seen together at the Golden Globes.

Kate Beckinsale Really Isn't Upset Her Wonder Woman Movie Fell Through

The Underworld actress was once attached to a pre-DCEU Wonder Woman before it fell apart and ultimately, she doesn't regret that she never got to don the tiara and wear the bracelets.

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Looks Like Kate Beckinsale Is Done With The Underworld Franchise

Kate Beckinsale's action days might be over.

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See What Kate Beckinsale Could Look Like As DC’s Catwoman

If Kate Beckinsale chose to suit up for another action-packed role, this time as DC's Catwoman, here's what it might look like.

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Underworld Star Kate Beckinsale Just Landed Her First Big TV Show

After a career spent on the silver screen, it looks like Underworld franchise star Kate Beckinsale is finally going to make the jump to television. Here's what we know about the upcoming transition.

Why Kate Beckinsale Turned Down Playing Wonder Woman

Action icon Kate Beckinsale turned down the role of Diana Prince back in the 2000s, and now the actress has finally revealed why she made that decision.

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How Kate Beckinsale Reacted To Her Daughter Getting Into College

Kate Beckinsale and ex Michael Sheen had a super proud parent moment this week after their daughter got accepted into college.

The MCU May Be Including Blade Soon, Here's What We Know

After leading three movies over six years, Blade has been absent from the big screen. However, Marvel may have plans to bring Blade into the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

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New Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer Is Violent And Bloody

Underworld: Blood Wars just released a new full trailer and the title certainly doesn't lie about the blood. Hit the jump to see the new footage.

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The Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer Is Epic And Action Packed, Watch It Now

The first trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars is here, and it's exactly what you'd expect from the vampirical franchise.

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Kate Beckinsale’s Latest Film May Have One Of The Worst Openings Of The Year

Kate Beckinsale's latest film, The Disappointments Room, is finally seeing the light of day with its wide release this weekend. However, the belated bow for this chiller may have killed any business it might have had. Talk about a disappointment.

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Underworld 5 Just Hit A Snag, Get The Details

It's somewhat fitting that a franchise whose main characters are vampires and werewolves seems unable to die. Whether or not you were even aware that the Underworld series was on their fifth entry, the film is coming, though not quite as quickly as we once thought.

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How Michael Bay Responded To Those Kate Beckinsale Allegations

Kate Beckinsale actually doesn't hate Michael Bay, according to Michael Bay. In fact the pair have already made-up after her recent comments about the director.

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