Pete Davidson Finally Explains How He Managed To Charm Kim Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Ariana Grande And More

Of all the unbelievable things that happen in this world, people seem to be caught up on the fact that Pete Davidson seems to be able to pull some of the world’s most desirable and popular ladies. The SNL star previously dated Kate Beckinsale and was once engaged to Ariana Grande.  Now, Davidson has charmed Kim Kardashian as well. The comic has explained how he has managed to connect with so many leading ladies that seemingly don't have a lot in common with him. 

Apparently the world’s confusion on how he has snagged the attention of multiple women -- with rumors of even more beautiful celebrity romances --- is not lost on Pete Davidson. In a stand-up routine he performed at the 9th Annual Patrice O’Neal Comedy Benefit Concert at New York City Center (via Us Weekly), he says that his friends have expressed their opinions and he has thoughts about his appeal to beautiful women. Here’s what he said, exactly:

There seems to be a curiosity about me, is what my friends tell me. I was trying to figure out how to explain myself to someone because I was doing an interview.

Pete Davidson is a master of self-deprecation and his comedy style typically plays on the fact that he’s, well, a dumpster fire of a person. He’s joked about the very real situation of living in his mom’s basement for the majority of his adult life, even well into stardom. He also makes his fair share of dead dad jokes, as his father tragically and heroically passed during 9/11, which might traditionally be a turn-off, but apparently is working for him in the love department.

Apparently, it is this proclivity to come off as trashy that Pete Davidson said hides how truly great he really is. In the same set, Davidson likened himself to Tropic Thunder, a hidden gem mistakenly regarded as a film meant for the discount DVD bin at 7-Eleven. Or as he put it: 

I’m ‘Tropic Thunder.’ I’m the diamond in the trash. It’s a steal.

At this point, Tropic Thunder is regarded as a modern-day (can 2008 still be considered modern?) cult classic, even though it is a would-be controversial film, and Pete Davidson is starting to be regarded as such as well. His honesty and self-awareness mixed with his comedic take on pretty much everything, apparently makes him appealing to successful and independent women, such as Kim Kardashian

In typical natural treasure style, no one really has beef with Pete Davidson. Well, nobody but Kanye West. After Davidson started dating Kim Kardashian not long after her split with West, the rapper has been pretty vocal about his dislike of Davidson, and even put him on a diss track. Right on brand, though, Davidson doesn’t seem bothered at all. In fact, he allegedly finds the whole “beef” hilarious.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian seem to be going strong so far, though it’s only been a few months, and this isn't the first time Davidson has spoken out about his romantic appeal.  No matter how you put it, it appears that Davidson does indeed have a charm when it comes to the beautiful and successful women of Hollywood.

Carlie Hoke
Content Writer

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