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Jordan Peele: 6 Cool Facts About The Get Out Director

Jordan Peele did what? Get Out of here!

The Funniest Shows On Hulu Right Now
The Most Popular Key And Peele Videos On Their Youtube Channel

Will it be a Luther skit? Gangsta stand-off? Or one of the other many great Peele and Key skits that tops the list?

The 10 Funniest Key And Peele Sketches, Ranked

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have starred in some of the funniest comedy bits of all time, but what are absolute best Key & Peele sketches the duo had to offer?

Check Out Key And Peele's New Toy Story 4 Characters

Yesterday's first trailer for Toy Story 4 was good and all, but what about Liam Neesons though?

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The Best And Worst Key And Peele Lines To Have Yelled At You, According To Jordan Peele

Key & Peele star Jordan Peele shared the best and worst show quotes that people yell at him.

Jordan Peele’s Get Out Trailer Is Disturbing And Bizarre, Watch It Now

Comedian and actor Jordan Peele is stepping into the world of horror with the upcoming film Get Out, and it looks absolutely horrifying.

The 7 Worst Teachers In The History Of TV

Check out our list of the seven worst teachers in the history of television to get yourself ready for the new school year.

Watch Key And Peele Hilariously Name A Bunch Of Adoptable Kittens In Honor Of Keanu

Comedy duo Key and Peele have dusted off one of their more popular sketches to help promote their new movie, Keanu.

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Key And Peele's Kitten Comedy Keanu Has The Perfect Cameo

When you name your movie Keanu you’re setting a certain level of expectation. The new comedy by Key and Peele borrows the name of a famous movie star, but that's not all they'll be using.

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Key And Peele Are Making A Movie, Get The Details

Their sketch comedy show on Comedy Central may be over (which is a tragedy we all need to accept) but Key & Peele are far from done working together. They have a number of different projects in the hopper and they just added yet another one.

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How Neil deGrasse Tyson Wins An Argument With His Wife, According To Key and Peele

How would Neil deGrasse Tyson – one of the most respected and prolific scientific geniuses of the modern era – resolve a minor conflict with a nagging wife? According to a brand new Key and Peele sketch, exactly how you would expect the brilliant scientist to.

Key And Peele Is Ending, Get The Details

It's been a good run, and the show has been responsible for some of the best sketch comedy in recent memory, but Comedy Central's Key and Peele is coming to an end after this current season.

Key And Peele's Obama Anger Translator Showed Up At The White House Correspondent Dinner

President Obama gets a little help with his closing speech from his Anger Translator, the Key and Peele character Luther.

Key & Peele's Game Of Thrones Sketch Is Hilarious, Of Course

There are major spoilers here in this Key & Peele sketch, for Game of Thrones viewers who may not be caught up. That said, they’re absolutely the most hilarious spoilers you’ll ever see,

Key & Peele Have  A Super Bowl Special, And It Looks Hilarious

Every year, the Super Bowl is generally the most-watched TV program, as everyone wants to get a look at the NFL’s two best teams duking it out amidst a bunch of expensive commercials. But for everyone who just wants to laugh, Comedy Central is giving Key & Peele its own Super Bowl special, and it’s going to be amazing.

Watch Key & Peele Get In Shape In This Hilarious And Twisted 80s-Style Sketch

Key & Peele took it to the limit 80s-style this week, with a hilarious sketch involving a workout routine gone very wrong. Check it out ahead...

Watch Key And Peele Take On Family Matters In This Hilarious Sketch

Recently, Key and Peele put together a sketch harkening back to the days of Family Matters, when Steve Urkel became a cultural phenomenon. You can check out the sketch without having to worry about a laugh track. You do need to worry about foul language in the video, as a slew of f-bombs are present and we don’t suggest giving this a watch while you are still at work.

Why Key and Peele Might Not Appear In Their Own Police Academy Reboot

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have been winning critical praise and fan devotion with their satirical sketch comedy show Key & Peele. Now they've set their sites on Hollywood with a slate of film projects, including a Police Academy reboot.

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A Key And Peele Character May Get His Own Movie

If you're a fan of Key And Peele's many delightful and popular recurring sketches, then you might be pleased to hear one of them might be making it to the big screen. Unless it's not your favorite of said sketches. If that's the case, we are truly sorry.

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