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That Time Leonardo DiCaprio Auditioned For Hocus Pocus

It turns out that Leonardo DiCaprio went in for Max in Hocus Pocus, here's what happened.

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Martin Scorsese And Leonardo DiCaprio Are Re-Teaming For A Presidential Biopic

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio's collaborative relationship isn't ending anytime soon, and now we can add this presidential biopic to their list of upcoming projects.

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What Leonardo DiCaprio Could Look Like As The Joker

New artwork has debuted online showing what Leonardo DiCaprio could look like as The Joker, and it's pretty awesome.

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Leonardo DiCaprio As The Joker? Here’s The Latest

Fans were more than a little curious when it was announced that, not only did Warner Bros. want to make a standalone movie about The Joker, they wanted it to stand outside of continuity with the existing DCEU and the Joker they already cast.

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Kate Winslet And Leo DiCaprio Still Drop Titanic Lines On Each Other

Rose and Jack still talk in real life. Cue the awws.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Will Play A Very Different Leo In His Next Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio has played every role from Howard Hughes to Shakespeare's Romeo. However, one of his next big projects will be something very different, except for the name, he'll still go by the same first name.

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Shutter Island Ending: Who's In Control, Andrew Laeddis Or Teddy Daniels?

The ending of Shutter Island poses a very important question. One we're about to delve into after years of thought. Read on to see both sides of the argument, as well as where we hang our hat.

The Clever Way James Cameron Saved Titanic From Waves Of Bad Press

James Cameron is speaking in hindsight, but also showing real disdain for the American press. Now, he did endure waves of unfavorable articles talking about the pending disaster of his Titanic, and he enjoyed the last laugh as the movie went on to break box office records and claim an obscene number of Academy Awards.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Fight Italian Gangs In An Upcoming Project

We might see Leonardo DiCaprio in another period piece, this time pitting him against Italian gangs in New York. Read on for the details.

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Leonardo DiCaprio And Martin Scorsese Have Picked The Perfect Book For Their Next Film

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are about to team up for a long-awaited book adaptation, and it's absolutely perfect for their partnership. Get the details!

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Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor Continued His Reign In 2016

The title of "Most Overpaid Actor In Hollywood" has one again been bestowed upon a familiar face. Get the details!

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Tom Hardy Lost A Bet To Leonardo DiCaprio, And It Involves A Tattoo

It seems that Tom Hardy once lost a bet with Leonardo DiCaprio that resulted in him receiving a tattoo. Get the details!

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Why Some Are Asking Leonardo DiCaprio To Return All Of His Wolf Of Wall Street Money

Wolf still casts a long shadow over DiCaprio due to allegations that he was aware of possible embezzlement that went into the funding of Scorsese's film, and now one group wants DiCaprio to give millions in earned salary back.

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The Captain Planet Movie Is Back On Track, Here’s What We Know

It looks like those Funny or Die! sketches starring Don Cheadle won't be the only live action Captain Planet material out there anymore, as Paramount is now taking charge of bringing the environmental hero to the big screen.

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That Time Baywatch Said No To Leonardo DiCaprio

Baywatch had a huge cast over the years as characters dropped in and out. One character stuck around for nine years, and he was almost played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Headed To Court, Here's Why

Leonardo DiCaprio is being called to court for a lawsuit involving his role in The Wolf of Wall Street. This is why the busy actor has to take a break from his schedule and head on over to New York.

The Legal Issues Leonardo DiCaprio’s Still Facing Over The Wolf Of Wall Street

Former Jordan Belfort lieutenant Andrew Greene is trying to sue Leonardo DiCaprio over an eerily similar character to him in The Wolf Of Wall Street, but the Oscar-winning actor is just too busy to be deposed.

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Why A Young Leonardo DiCaprio Was Apparently Kicked Out Of Disney World

While there have already been a handful of young Leo stories, a new one has just come to light, and it involves the happiest place on Earth.

Watch James Corden Text Leonardo DiCaprio From Jennifer Lopez's Phone

The most recent Carpool Karaoke features James Corden taking J.Lo's phone hostage and texting none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Why Paul Rudd Wanted The Lead Role In Titanic So Badly

Paul Rudd recently appeared on The Late Late Show and revealed that when he auditioned for the part of Jack Dawson in Titanic, he wanted the role badly because of his father’s connection to the doomed ship.

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