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The 12 Scariest Scenes From 2017 Movies

The last year was a great time for horror fans, and these 12 scenes were the moments that truly made our skin crawl.

Life Ending: What Happens In The Capsule, And Afterwards

For as thrilling of an ending as Life has in store for its viewers, it does leave some big questions that need to be answered.

Why The Life Ending Was Always Going To Happen That Way, According To The Director

Life director Daniel Espinosa has revealed the steps he took to make sure that the movie's ending wasn't changed during production.

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What Ryan Reynolds Really Thinks About That Surprising Life Scene

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers for Life. If you have not yet seen the film, please bookmark this page and save it to read after your screening!

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Weekend Box Office: Power Rangers Loses Out To Beauty and the Beast's Number One Repeat

The Beauty and the Beast remake slipped a typical 50% from last weekend, but between its massive opening last week and a lack of any impressive competition, it held the top spot.

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Life Stars Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Tell Us Why They’d Never Go To Space, And They Are Hysterically Correct

When I sat down with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal during the Austin, Texas press day for their brand new movie Life, I planned to have a fun conversation about the wonder of space and their perceptions of it after making the new sci-fi horror film.

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Why Rebecca Ferguson Originally Turned Down Life, And Why She Reconsidered

In the filmmaking world, the director's vision means everything. No matter how great a script is, it still needs to be executed properly in order to be turned into a great film. This is exactly what hung in the balance as Rebecca Ferguson was considering whether or not to be a part of the new sci-fi thriller Life.

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Watch Jake Gyllenhaal And Ryan Reynolds Lose It, Get Hilariously Weird During A Life Interview

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal completely lost it on-camera during a recent interview for Life, and the resulting footage is utterly hilarious.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting CHIPs, Power Rangers And Life Reviews

It may only be the back end of March, but we are getting a weekend full of notable titles - two of which bring some classic TV shows to the big screen.

Wait, Is There Spider-Man 3 Footage In That New Life Trailer?

Did Life use footage from Spider-Man 3? Check out a comparison of the two films to see for yourself.

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NSFW Life Trailer Probably Reveals A Killer Twist

Early footage for Life has been pretty horrifying, and a new NSFW trailer was just released that has the potential to give you nightmares. And it may also give away the film's final conflict.

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New Life Extended Clip Feels Like An Actual Nightmare

It's a good time to be a fan of science fiction horror movies. Not only is there a new Ridley Scott Alien movie on the way, but the new movie Life looks like just the sort of thing to scare the hell out of you.

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The 2017 Super Bowl Movie Trailers, Ranked

Get your fill of last night's cinematic fireworks, with this complete listing of Super Bowl LI's movie-related trailers. Just be ready for us to play favorites with the field, seeing as we've ranked the lot.

Watch Life’s Super Bowl Spot Right Now, And Be Deathly Afraid Of Outer Space

One of the many blockbusters which will be releasing a trailer during the Super Bowl is the upcoming science fiction thriller Life, and it's pretty gloriously scary.

Jake Gyllenhaal Explains How Gravity Is A Real Villain In The Sci-Fi Thriller Life

While Life's main villain might be the specimen that they find on Mars, Jake Gyllenhaal insists that there are many other reasons to be terrified.

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Life Cast: Who Is Joining Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal On This Deadly Space Mission?

Here's a breakdown of the all-star cast of the upcoming thriller Life, and their roles on the International Space Station.

The Incredible, And Strange, Challenges Filming In Zero-G Caused For The Life Cast

Life is set to possess the same pulsating yet fraught tension and compelling storytelling of Gravity and The Martian, but is all in zero-gravity, too

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21 Big Movies All Coming Out In The First Few Months Of 2017

The cinematic release calendar has evolved greatly in recent years, and as a result there are actually some pretty big and fascinating projects that are set to hit theaters in just a few short weeks.

Life Trailer Has Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal In Space, Is Super Creepy

ome of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick's best work as screenwriters has come because of their ability to inject terrific humor into otherwise serious scenarios. Their next project, Life, seems to have replaced casual humor with intense scares, however, as you'll see in the brand new trailer

Jake Gyllenhaal Joins Sci-Fi Thriller Life, Which Has A Stellar Cast

The science fiction thriller Life, written by the guys who penned Deadpool, already has a fantastic cast in place, but it just got a little bit bigger with the addition of Jake Gyllenhaal.

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