Of all the major film genres, few thrived quite like horror in 2017. The year was full of fantastic, scary movies (on the big screen, as well as on streaming services), and those creepy movies were chock full of absolutely terrifying moments. Today, we're going to dive into those scary moments, and figure out which scenes from 2017 horror movies legitimately made our skin crawl.

The Drowning Scene - Life

Although one could easily make the clear argument that Life is a derivative movie in the construction of many of its characters and set pieces, that doesn't change the fact that it executes some of its best scenes in truly horrifying fashion. Nowhere is that more evident than in the drowning scene, in which Calvin breaks Golovkina's space suit and forces coolant to gradually leak into her helmet. We thought that we had seen every way to die in space depicted on the big screen, but Life proved us wrong. The scene is painful to watch, but the way in which Golovkina refuses help because she doesn't want Calvin to reenter the ship makes it all the more difficult.

The Beast Arrives - Split

We could spend all debating over whether or not Split deserves to be considered a horror movie, as it could also fit a bit more neatly into the thriller category as well. However, there are a few critical moments in that plant it in the realm of horror, and the best of those moments is the scene in which Kevin Wendell Crumb finally transforms into the "Beast" that he spends the rest of the film teasing. The way he viciously kills the girls before going after Casey Cooke, and the way James McAvoy plays the monstrous character in those scenes is absolutely brilliant. Couple that with the way he snaps out of it and realizes what he has done when Casey says his real name, and we get one of the most heartwrenching horror scenes in recent memory.

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