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OK The Rock’s New Movie Starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Sounds Cool, But What About San Andreas 2?
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6 Bad Disaster Movies That Are Also Kind Of Great

Sometimes, you just want to watch the world burn. And you can do it with these so-bad-they're-good disaster movies!

Two Obstacles In The Way Of Getting San Andreas 2 Off The Ground, According To The Director

There's still hope for a sequel, but to make a franchise out of The Rock's 2015 there are still some obstacles in the way.

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Alexandra Daddario: 6 Cool Things To Know About The Baywatch Actress
San Andreas 2? Alexandra Daddario Still Sounds Game For Sequel With Dwayne Johnson

Though it's all in the timing, San Andreas 2 isn't completely out of the realm of possibility.

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10 Great Dwayne Johnson Movies To Stream Or Rent Online Right Now

Dwayne Johnson has a lot of great films to watch and many of them are now available online.

The 10 Best Dwayne Johnson Movies, Ranked

Dwayne Johnson has been in a ton of films. Here are the test best, ranked.

10 Highest-Grossing Dwayne Johnson Movies

Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest-grossing actors working today. Many of his films brought in over half-a-million dollars worldwide, so which one of The Rock's movies actually made the most?

Why San Andreas 2 Hasn't Been Made Yet

San Andreas was a hit at the box office, pulling in more than its budget domestically and bringing in a total of over $473 million worldwide. So, why hasn't a sequel been made yet?

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The Rock Invites San Andreas Hero Boy To The Set Of His New Movie

Last week, we learned about an amazing story where a 10-year-old boy saved his little brother's life by administering CPR he learned from watching The Rock in a movie. Now, Dwayne Johnson has a fantastic surprise in store for the little hero.

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How Watching The Rock's San Andreas Saved A Little Boy From Drowning

The Rock has been known for heroics in his many high-octane, action-oriented movies. Recently, his onscreen heroics actually seem to have saved a young boys life.

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6 Movie Wives Who Were All On The Phone During Disastrous Situations

Kate Hudson, this week, plays the wife of Mark Wahlberg's Mike Williams in the oil-rig disaster Deepwater Horizon. Though they get a few lines of dialogue together at the movie's onset, once the proverbial shit hits the fan, Hudson joins a line of actresses who have bee relegated to phone duty in the face of an emergency.

8 Terrible Movies Chinese Audiences Loved For Some Reason‏

Despite being mauled critically in the US, Warcraft has thrived in China where it looks to be a serious threat to Furious 7's record box office haul in the country. But what other terrible Hollywood films have surprisingly succeeded in China? More than you'd think.

Dwayne Johnson's San Andreas 2 Sounds Badass, Here's What We Know

The biggest challenge, now, might be finding time in Dwayne Johnson's extremely busy schedule to film San Andreas 2. The actor, from what we can tell, is on the hook for a Baywatch movie (with Alexandra Daddario, coincidentally), as well as an announced Journey 3 movie.

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New DVD Releases: October 2015 In Home Entertainment

Did the holidays just come early? By the looks of this month's Blu-ray, DVD and Digital releases, the studios are already gearing up for the big buying months, releasing a slew of big titles. We're talking summer blockbusters and more.

The Rock Hears Your Big Trouble In Little China Complaints, Has The Perfect Response

A remake of Big Trouble in Little China is a bad idea. A terrible idea. The original film is such a unique and unusual product of its era, and trying to recreate it is the cinematic equivalent of capturing lightning in a bottle. Even more so, The Rock is the complete wrong choice to play Jack Burton in a new Big Trouble.

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10 Memorable Movie Jerks And The Nasty Fate They Deserved

Let’s hear it for all those actors and actresses who played totally jerks/a-holes/jackasses/blemishes on society — we can go on — to make the good guys be even more likable and to bringing us all together to hate on them.

Weekend Box Office: San Andreas Registers A Number One On The Box Office Scale

This weekend audiences showed some interest in getting back to watching the end of the world (or at least California) as we know it.

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The Famous Movie Monuments That Keep Getting Destroyed

You maniacs! You blew it up... again! And again. See what six landmarks rank among the most destroyed tourist traps in film history.

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson: 12 Incredible Things You Probably Never Knew

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a household name long before he even started to hit the big screen. The pro-wrestler turned action film star has had quite the career. The 43-year-old isn’t even close to finished either.

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