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Monk: 10 Famous Actors You May Have Forgotten Were On The USA Show

There are a lot of famous faces in Monk. Here are just a few.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Stanley Tucci And 13 Other Celebrities With Books Coming Out In 2021

These celebrities have found one productive way to make the most of their time in quarantine...

Upcoming Stanley Tucci Movies And TV: What’s Ahead For The Marvel Actor

Not long until we have the answer to question: What if Stanley Tucci returned to the MCU.

All The Marvel Actors Returning For Disney+'s What If?

Your favorite Marvel movie stars like you've never seen them before

Stanley Tucci Explains Why It Was ‘Nice’ To Be Able To Reunite With Anne Hathaway For The Witches
Movie News
Anne Hathaway's The Witches Reviews Are In, See What Critics Are Saying About The HBO Max Remake
Movie News
Anne Hathaway Talks About Reuniting With Devil Wears Prada Co-Star Stanley Tucci For The Witches
Movie News
Stanley Tucci's Best Movie Performances, Ranked

From predatory killers to empathetic mentors, Stanley Tucci has great range.

How Stanley Tucci Feels About Making The Internet So 'Thirsty'
Movie News
Chris Evans Admits Stanley Tucci Got Them Boozy On Set Of Captain America Movie

Chris Evans cheers his Captain America: The First Avenger for adding an extra shot of goodness to set.

Movie News
5 Fascinating Things To Know About Stanley Tucci
What The Hunger Games Cast Is Doing Now

Here's how The Hunger Games cast has stayed busy since the world-famous franchise wrapped.

Why Stanley Tucci Was A Real Perfectionist While Making His Newest Movie

They say that art is a reflection of life, but in the case of the new movie Final Portrait, director Stanley Tucci found the work had an important effect on him.

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Watch Stanley Tucci Awkwardly Forget He Worked With Emma Thompson On Beauty And The Beast

Stanley Tucci has had a long and glorious film career, although some of his memories may be a bit hazy.

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Could The Devil Wears Prada 2 Happen? Here’s What Stanley Tucci Thinks

A decade has passed since Anne Hathaway broke into the world of high fashion by chipping away at Meryl Streep's icy veneer in the amusing and Oscar-nominated The Devil Wears Prada. But that doesn't mean that the rest of the cast is looking to dial back into that world for a cash-grabbing sequel.

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Transformers The Last Knight Is Bringing Back Another Age Of Extinction Actor

As Transformers: The Last Knight continues to unveil its new and returning cast members, one of the most important actors from Age of Extinction is coming back for another round of Autobots v. Decepticons. Read on to see who's coming back, and why you should be celebrating.

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Stanley Tucci Joins Beauty And The Beast As A New Character

Hours after it was announced that Ewan McGregor will be playing Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, Stanley Tucci has also joined the film’s cast as this original character.

Movie News
Stanley Tucci Will Play A Psycho With Rabies In Patient Zero

Stanley Tucci is easily one of Hollywood's most reliable character actors. Even when he's not given much to work with in terms of character, he always puts in a memorable performance that you're thinking about as you're leaving the theater.

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Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton And More Join Priest Sex Abuse Drama Spotlight

The Spotlight Team of reporters that discovered this coverup and inspired the name of the new film includes Globe editor Marty Baron (Schreiber), Spotlight editor Robby Robinson (Keaton), and reporters Michael Rezendes (Ruffalo), Sascha Pfieffer (Rachel McAdams) and Matt Carroll, who uncovered a massive backlog of coverups when investigating what they thought was merely a local case.

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Olympian Johnny Weir Cites The Hunger Games As Fashion Inspiration

With a fabulous and flashy string of dazzling outfits, Johnny Weir has proved a breakout star of the 2014 Winter Olympics without even being in competition. The former Olympian has turned commentator for NBC at the Sochi games, and the openly gay figure skater hasn't toned down his signature style one bit.

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