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The Flash Easter Egg That Was Slipped Into Justice League

Justice League slipped in an interesting Easter Egg calling back to someone from The Flash mythology.

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How The Flash Could Use The Cerebral Inhibitor To Defeat The Thinker

The Flash previously teased how Season 4's The Thinker could be defeated. Here's how we think it would go.

One Flash Theory Could Explain All The Weirdness In Season 4

Could The Flash's Season 4 craziness be explained by a similarly crazy theory?

The Flash Shows Off Elongated Man's Updated Costume And More In New Pictures

The next new episode of The Flash is giving Elongated Man a new look and introducing some new characters as well. Check them out!

The Flash Just Resolved Its Big Cliffhanger With A Heartbreaking Twist

The Flash midseason finale ended on a huge cliffhanger back in December. The midseason premiere resolved the cliffhanger with an unexpectedly heartbreaking twist.

Looks Like DC's Flash Movie Has Finally Found New Directors

The Flash movie has already lost two directors, but now it looks like the new candidates for helming the Scarlet Speedster's adventure have been found.

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Crisis On Earth-X Was Nearly Released As A "Seamless" Movie

Apparently, Marc Guggenheim had plans for the special following its release.

Ranking Every DC Animated Movie From The Past 10 Years

DC recently released all of its animated movies from the last ten years, and we here at CinemaBlend have ranked them all from worst to best.

Are The Flash And Arrow-verse Shows Getting Renewed? Here's What The CW Says

Want more Arrow-verse shows? Here's what The CW's head honcho has to say about it.

Check Out The Arrow-verse Heroes Back In Action In New Trailer

Everyone is getting back in action for their return to The CW.

The Flash's New Trailer Shows Troubling Way Barry Could Avoid Murder Trial

When The Flash returns, Barry will be facing his toughest enemy yet: the U.S. legal system.

The Biggest And Wildest TV Deaths Of 2017

Now that we're safely in 2018, let's look back at a lot of the ways 2017 TV shocked and saddened us.

The Most Pirated Shows Of 2017 Make Perfect Sense

2017 is very nearly at an end, which means the time has come to look back at the most-pirated shows of the past year. The results are exactly what you might expect.

2018 Superhero TV: Dates For New And Returning Shows

2018 will arguably the biggest year yet for TV superheroes, and we've put together a schedule for when all the new and returning comic favorites will be here.

Why Joe's House Could Become Important To The Flash's Battle With The Thinker

Joe's house could very well be the key to defeating The Thinker.

When The Flash Could Reveal The Identity Of That Mystery Character

The gigantic Arrow-verse crossover introduced a character who seemed to be a big deal for Barry Allen. We now know just when we might learn her identity on The Flash.

9 Barry Allen GIFs That Prove The Flash Is As Fun As Ever In Season 4

The Flash is feeling fun again in Season 4, and these GIFs prove it.

Gotham's David Mazouz Has A Great Idea For A Flash Crossover

If Gotham and The Flash should ever come together, David Mazouz knows what should happen.

Turns Out Wentworth Miller Might Not Be Done With The Arrow-verse After All

When you're out, you're out. Unless you're Wentworth Miller apparently.

How The Flash: Flashpoint Could Provide A Perfect Way For Ben Affleck To End His Batman Run

New rumors have surfaced about how DC plans to use Ben Affleck's Batman in The Flash: Flashpoint, and it could offer the actor a perfect exit from his current superhero role.

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