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Uncharted Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With Free Stuff

It's hard to believe that it's already been a decade since Naughty Dog released the very first Uncharted game, and now the company has the privilege to celebrate the 10th anniversary for the Uncharted series. This celebration includes giving Uncharted fans plenty of free stuff.

Who Uncharted May Hire To Play Sully Alongside Tom Holland

Sony's Uncharted movie continues to move forward in Hollywood's further attempts to figure out how to turn video games into movies. Now, it seems that the film has its eye on a major Hollywood star to take a major role in the new movie.

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Why The Uncharted Movie Will Be An Origin Story, According To The Director

Director Shawn Levy has a vision for how he's going to bring the hit video game franchise Uncharted to the big screen and he explains why an origin story is the right move for what he's planning.

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Tom Holland Really Wants One Of These A-Listers To Play Sully In The Uncharted Movie

The Uncharted movie appears to be ready to get moving now that they've cast Tom Holland in the lead. However, the film will need at least one more major casting decision, and Holland has ideas.

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How Spider-Man: Homecoming Landed Tom Holland The Uncharted Movie Gig

Sony has been working for years to try and get a movie based on Uncharted off the ground, now the studio appears to have found a way, the unlikely choice of Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Has A Release Date And A Price Tag

Naughty Dog and Sony have announced that the spin-off game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, finally has an official release date and a final price tag. Gamers can look to get their hands on the game later this year and for a price that you may not be expecting.

Will Naughty Dog Ever Make More Uncharted? Here's What They Say

With Uncharted 4: A Thief's End all wrapped up and Uncharted: Lost Legacy set to weave its own tale as a standalone story expansion, that's got folks wondering if we might see more Uncharted down the line.

The Uncharted Game’s Writer Knows Nothing About The Movie, And That’s Weird

It sounds as though Uncharted writer Joe Carnahan has gone rogue. Get the details ahead.

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How The Uncharted Movie Will Be Especially Exciting, According To Joe Carnahan

So what is it about the Uncharted adaptation that separates it from most other video game movies, or action movies in general? Well, whatever it is, Joe Carnahan feels he's tapped into it with his draft of the film's script. Discover the answers inside.

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When The Uncharted Movie Will Finally Start Filming

The Uncharted movie is officially a go and now we might know when the film will begin shooting. Hit the jump to learn all the details about the upcoming live action adaptation.

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The Uncharted Movie Just Took A Major Step Forward

After years of development hell, the film adaptation of the popular Uncharted series of video games has finally taken one crucial step forward that may prove once and for all that this movie is actually getting made.

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The Reason Naughty Dog Has Been Able To Make Great Games, According To The Founder

Over the past two generations, gamers have come to see Naughty Dog as the frontrunner of marrying gameplay and story together to make award-worthy gaming experiences. Well, the founder of the studio explained why they've been able to make such monumental accomplishments.

The Uncharted Movie Has Lost Its Main Actor

It seems that the long-awaited Uncharted film adaptation has just suffered a major setback. Get the details!

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Uncharted 4's New Patch Added A Ton Of Features

Naughty Dog is continuing to show a lot of love and support for Uncharted 4:A Thief's End. The game came out earlier this year for the PlayStation 4, and with the new patch it's being retrofitted with new features for the PS4 Pro.

Uncharted Writer Knows Who He Wants To Play Nathan Drake And It’s Perfect

Of all the video game properties that are being turned into movies, the Uncharted franchise seems to be having a tough go of it. However, under a new director the movie is back on track, and that means it's time to cast the lead.

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The Uncharted Movie Finally Landed A New Director

One of the more frequent obstacles with the development of the Uncharted movie has been keeping a director. Fortunately, that particular issue has finally been resolved.

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Sony’s Uncharted Movie Isn’t Happening Any Time Soon, Here's What Happened

Over the years, Uncharted has been in several hands, and seemed to come closest to being made when David O. Russell wanted to helm it, with frequent collaborator Mark Wahlberg in the lead role of Nathan Drake.

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Uncharted Movie Is Coming Back To Life, Get The Details

The Uncharted movie isn't quite dead yet. The project just took a big step forward by finding a pretty good writer to pen the latest version of the screenplay.

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Why Story Is Especially Important In Today’s Video Games

Growing up in a video gaming family, we were all drawn to a certain type of video game, and we were probably biased because my sister and I just played whatever my Dad bought or rented. But we knew we had a type. We loved the games with a story, but back then the storytelling was different than it is today. Today, storytelling in video gaming is so incredibly important to the success of the game.

When The Uncharted 4 Multiplayer DLC Will Be Available

When Uncharted 4: A Thief's End released back in May, the game received a whirlwind of positive reviews with people praising the never-fail-to-impress storyline and a sort of closure on the long and unforgettable Uncharted series. And finally, Naughty Dog has announced when we can get our hands on Uncharted 4's first set of DLC.

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