A Tom Holland Movie Is Getting Its Own Roller Coaster, But Not The One You Might Think

Tom Holland in Uncharted
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It’s one thing to be in a movie that makes hundreds of millions of dollars but in my opinion you haven’t “made it” until you’re in a movie that becomes a theme park attraction. By that metric Tom Holland has already made it, because his version of Spider-Man appears at Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure, but the actor is about to get his own roller coaster that has nothing to do with Spidey, because it will be based on Uncharted.

In a somewhat surprising announcement. THR has revealed that Spain’s PortAventura World theme park is set to get a roller coaster based on the Uncharted movie that starred Tom Holland as treasure hunting adventurer Nathan Drake. The attraction is described as a “dark ride coaster” which would seem to imply it will combine the storytelling of a traditional dark ride with the thrills of a roller coaster. The coaster is being designed in partnership with  Intamin, a major global roller coaster designer, and Sally Corp., a company known for their dark ride designs. Sounds like a perfect pairing.

Since the coaster will apparently have a story with scenes that play out in the ride, it’s possible we could see and hear Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the ride itself. They could appear in character on screens or they could lend their voices to animatronic likenesses, depending on how the attraction will be put together.

An Uncharted roller coaster that’s based specifically on the Tom Holland movie is a bit of a surprise because at this point, it’s only just the one movie. While the Uncharted film was pretty successful, and a sequel would not be much of a surprise, one has not been announced. Usually we see theme park rides given to films that build franchises, or at the very least have stood the test of time. John Wick has recently constructed  roller coaster, but that's a franchise with three installments and more already planned. Uncharted is too new to know what people are going to think of it even a few years from now.

However, while the Uncharted coaster may be based on the film, the film itself was based on a popular video game franchise, and while the games themselves may not be the inspiration for the ride or the story the riddle will tell, any fan of the video games is going to be interested in checking out an Uncharted theme roller coaster. Even if the main character sounds like Tom Holland and not Nolan North. 

Of course, the fact that we’re getting an Uncharted roller coaster could be a sign that Sony sees long term potential in the film franchise. Certainly, if there are plans to make an Uncharted 2 movie, then building a roller coaster now would be an attractive idea, as it will likely gain popularity when additional film installments get released. 

Dirk Libbey
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