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Aladdin First Look: Check Out Will Smith And The Cast

Disney's live-action adaptation of Aladdin has shifted into high gear ever since the leads were officially announced at the D23 Expo earlier this summer. Filming is now underway and Will Smith has shared the first photo from the set.

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Why Bad Boys 3 Probably Isn't Dead Yet, According To Jerry Bruckheimer

Bad Boys 3 is still clinging to life, as producer Jerry Bruckheimer remains optimistic that the movie will still one day happen.

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Aladdin Live Action Movie: Here's What We Know

After successfully owning the world of Animation, Disney has found a remarkable way to take a second bite at the apple, by remaking all their most popular animated movies in live-action.

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One Suicide Squad Cast Member Might Hold Up Production On The Sequel

There is a simple, unavoidable problem that rears its head any time a sequel for an ensemble movie begins development: because all of the stars have different schedules, not everyone can necessarily be available to film at any time that may be considered otherwise optimal.

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Watch Will Smith And DJ Jazzy Jeff Perform First Single In Nearly Two Decades

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are together again, and the collaboration might be different from what you'd expect. Check it out.

Let's Revisit The Awkward Things Jared Leto Said About DC Ahead Of The Harley Quinn And Joker Movie

Jared Leto the current Joker, is always keeping us on our toes with his running commentary on his Clown Prince and the DCEU, overall. And it got us thinking about all of the weird shit Leto has said about his Joker, David Ayer's Suicide Squad, his co-stars, and the DCEU as a whole.

Will Bad Boys 3 Happen? Here’s What Martin Lawrence Says

Bad Boys For Life seems like it's down for the count, and Martin Lawrence has some specific thoughts on where he feel the series is headed in the immediate future.

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Suicide Squad 2: What We Know So Far

What is the status of the sequel? When will it come out? Who is involved in making it? We answer all of those questions (and more) in this new edition of our What We Know So Far guides.

The Differences Between Netflix And Theatrical Releases, According To Will Smith And The Bright Cast

Netflix has been making their own films for quite some time, but nothing they're released so far looks quite like Bright. Will Smith and the director of Suicide Squad have made something that looks a lot like your standard Hollywood blockbuster.

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The Aladdin Remake Has Cast Its Aladdin, Jasmine And Genie

In one fell swoop, Disney has just announced the actors who will be playing Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie in the live action Aladdin film. Hit the jump to learn everything!

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Could Michael Bay Direct Bad Boys 3? Here's What He Said

Bad Boys 3 is currently in need of a new director, so what are the chances that Michael Bay could come back for another for one last ride? The director offers up an answer about where he stands with Bad Boys 3.

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10 Great Movie Team-Ups We Want To See In Another Film

Great movie chemistry is a difficult thing to find. When you have it, your film can survive based off that alone. When two characters don't mix well, the entire movie falls apart.

Will Smith Is Really Taking His Time As A Cannes Judge Seriously

Will Smith has worked out an intense itinerary for his time as a Cannes Film Festival judge.

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Will Smith May Battle His Clone In Sci-Fi Thriller Gemini Man

Gemini Man is one of those notorious Hollywood projects you hear about. While it sports a cool sci-fi premise, it has actually spent a full 20 years on a shelf, unable to ever make it through the development process.

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Will Smith May Take A Major Role In Aladdin

Things didn't work out with Will Smith joining Dumbo, but now Disney is eyeing him for a key role in the Aladdin remake.

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The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Cast Reunited, And It’s Like Nobody Aged At All

The cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air recently reunited, and they literally don't look like they've aged at all. Check out the photo to see for yourself.

Will Smith's Uncle Phil Look Is Proof That Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Needs A Reboot

Will Smith rose to stardom in part for his work on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he has recently started to look exactly like the sitcom's patriarch Uncle Phil. Check it out!

Bad Boys 3 Just Hit Another Major Setback

The Bad Boys 3 production just took another hit. Joe Carnahan, who has been the driving force between the production that's expected to reunite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, has left he project.

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Will Smith's Bright Trailer For The New Netflix Monster Movie Is Trippy And Cool

Out of the blue, Bright has dropped its first trailer during the Academy Awards. And if what we're seeing is any indication, this looks like it could be a big hit for Netflix. Watch the clip yourself inside.

Why Will Smith Has Passed On Disney's Live-Action Dumbo

Last month, Will Smith was being sought out to appear in the live action Dumbo movie, but he's now passed due to these reasons.

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