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Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #10! Buckle up, folks, because Eric and Adrienne have a lot of cool superhero news to talk about this week, as some exciting developments have come about with regards to the Wonder Woman sequel (now officially known as Wonder Woman 1984), the planned Green Lantern Corps film and Geoff Johns stepping down from his current post at DC Entertainment. And, after a news segment packed with awesome Avengers 4, Deathstroke and Aquaman tidbits, we'll get right into an in-depth Incredibles 2 review without (and with) spoilers!

This week saw some major reveals for some important franchises, as well as for the DCEU as a whole. Wonder Woman 1984 finally began filming, and also announced its official title, as well as confirming that Chris Pine will be back as (some version) of Steve Trevor. How is this possible? We'll talk through the options and the implications for the plot of the film. In the biggest DC news of the week, Geoff Johns, who's basically the father of modern DC Comics, stepped down from his gig as DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer, and we'll talk over what this means for DC, specifically the DCEU, what's next for Johns and whether or not this move is a good thing. Finally, Green Lantern Corps revealed which characters will star in the new movie, and we'll discuss possible storylines. Sit back and relax, folks, because this is one chat you're not going to want to miss! Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

1:00 - How Avengers 4 Could Return to the Battle of New York
8:10 - When We Could See Deathstroke Next in the DCEU
16:06 - First Look At Aquaman's Black Manta
18:29 - Incredibles 2 Reaction (Spoiler-Free)
26:00 - Incredibles 2 Reaction (SPOILERS)
32:40 - How Is Steve Trevor In Wonder Woman 1984?
43:40 - What Geoff Johns Stepping Down Means for the DCEU
53:54 - Green Lantern Corps Main Characters

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