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ReelBlend barely looks a day over 49. And yet, the boys are ringing in a new year with a milestone 50th episode! Welcome 2019 with some brand new ReelBlend, because boy, do we have a special one in line for you!

Including a very special appearance by uber-dedicated ReelBlend fan Kaleena!

More on that in a moment. ReelBlend 50 starts off with a conversation about Netflix's Bird Box, which is exactly the type of viral sensation that the streaming giant has been hoping for. The Sandra Bullock thriller about survivors trying to avoid a vicious evil sensation has inspired a meme (that's actually getting coverage on The TODAY Show). But that inspired Netflix to release the download numbers on Bird Box. And that got the guys debating.

Why does Netflix release numbers on their hits, but not on the bombs? Should Netflix be more transparent with all of their programming? Because what about Alfonso Cuaron's Roma? Or The Ballad of Buster Scruggs by Joel and Ethan Coen? We'd love to know how they are doing!

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box

That conversation transitioned into the Golden Globes ceremony, which will be held on Sunday. Jake, Kevin and Sean run through all of the top categories before the show, and talk about where each race stands. They make major predictions, and find that all three of them are split on a number of top categories. Where will things lie on Monday?

Seeing as how this is the first episode of 2019, the guys talk about the ONE movie this year that they would sacrifice all other movies just to be able to see. What would your pick be? If you could only see ONE movie this year, what movie would you choose?

Finally, the guys get around to playing the first Blend Game of 2019, and it's special for this reason. To celebrate Episode 50, we invited Kaleena to join us and discuss the films of Ryan Gosling. There's a lot of love for Drive, and some other interesting picks. So listen in, and play along!

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