Reviewing Russell Crowe's Unhinged And Reacting To The Death On The Nile Trailer

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Russell Crowe in Unhinged

ReelBlend goes heavy on Russell Crowe this week, for two main reasons. The former Gladiator star is welcoming audiences back to movie theaters with his new thriller Unhinged, which will begin screening in the U.S. this Friday. The movie already has been playing in international markets, which figured out how to open their theaters earlier than in the States. But now that roughly 70-80% of the country is able to host patrons (with reduced capacity), it’s time for people to try and test the waters at local multiplexes.

Jake and Kevin got to see Unhinged ahead of this week’s episode, and give their reviews in the latest ReelBlend episode.

Coincidentally (good planning on Gabe’s part), the boys also play Russell Crowe Blend in this week’s episode, and because the Oscar winner has such amazing films on his resume, we all have three different picks, with very personal reasons for our choices. You will want to listen to that one.

We have two new trailers to discuss on this week’s ReelBlend episode. Kenneth Branagh returns to the Agatha Christie universe for Death on the Nile. And Bill Murray reunites with his Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola for the new film On The Rocks. Somewhere in the midst of that conversation, the guys decided to makes lists of their Top 5 Tom Cruise movies.

Yeah, this one is a little all over the board… but that means it’s a really fun episode. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Sean O'Connell
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