Tom And Jerry's Tim Story, Spider-Man Film Titles, And More

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Director Tim Story joins the show to discuss his latest, Tom and Jerry. He gets into his love for the source material, how they developed Tom’s “traps” for the movie, building the sound design from the Hanna-Barbera archives and we even get to his take on one of his Fantastic Four characters making the jump to the MCU.

Also on this week’s show, Spider-Man 3’s title, Spider-Man: No Way Home, has finally been revealed after a shaky social media announcement. Sean was able to see a couple of scenes from Disney+’s upcoming The Falcon and Winter Soldier series and discuss the future of Marvel television with Kevin Feige.

We take a look at Halle Berry’s filmography for #HalleBerryBlend. Next week, we’re diving into Wesley Snipes's work to figure out our absolute favorites. Send in your pick using #WesleySnipesBlend on Twitter.

This Week In Movies

The United States Vs. Billie Holiday


The Father

Tom and Jerry

Bigfoot Family

Timestamps (Approx. Only)

2:21 - Weekly Poll: Favorite Video Game Movie

7:40 - Tim Story Interview

39:09 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveal

49:48 - The Future of Marvel TV

57:54 - David Fincher’s Next Film

1:05:20 - This Week In Movies

1:19:56 - Favorite Halle Berry Movies

1:33:42 - Review/Outro

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