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Regardless of what you might have heard, Chris Brown has not been arrested for allegedly driving off with a woman’s iPhone. In fact, an arrest warrant hasn’t even been filed. No forward progress on the investigation has been acknowledged, and it’s still unclear if anything will ever come from the alleged incident.

At least that’s the word coming from the Miami Beach Police Department. According to Reuters, a spokesman for the authorities reached out to the press today to clear up the rumors and put to bed any false rumblings. Unfortunately for Brown, said spokesman didn’t exactly trip over himself to clear the singer’s name either. A middle of the road approach was taken, which means Team Breezy isn’t out of the weeds yet.

The allegations of theft were first reported earlier this week by a twenty-four year old woman. She told police she spotted the singer outside of a nightclub and approached to take a picture. Mid-snap, he supposedly grabbed her cell phone and said, “Bitch, you ain’t gonna put this on no website.” His car then drove away with iPhone still inside, leaving the victim pissed and without the ability to text her friends the story.

Given Brown’s previous incidents, many observers have a natural impulse to assume he’s guilty, but with only the woman’s word, it’s perhaps unfair to publicly condemn him for this alleged action. If however, police do ultimately find enough reason to arrest him, there seems little doubt his probation will be revoked and he’ll wind up in jail. That wouldn’t exactly be the best way to continue his comeback, but then again, stealing someone’s iPhone isn’t the best behavior either.

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