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On Saturday night, Bruce Springsteen called Paul McCartney on stage during the E Street band’s encore. Together, they busted into “I Saw Her Standing There” and followed it up with “Twist And Shout”. Unfortunately, right before the latter song’s conclusion, the London venue cut off the sound, depriving fans of a classic moment between two of the greatest musicians in the history of Rock N Roll.

Not surprisingly, those in attendance, as well as those on stage, were pretty pissed off. Springsteen had apparently been waiting for fifty years to share the stage with one of his heroes, and many in the crowd were arguably more excited than he was. It’s not everyday you get to see two Rock n Roll Hall of Famers at once, and considering they aren’t touring together or anything, it’s unlikely the collaboration will happen again anytime soon.

Given all this, the venue is taking a ton of heat for its decision, but the whole thing is a bit more complicated than many realize. Organizers of the Hyde Park event have apparently had some problems in the past with noise complaints and had planned to shut the Boss off right at 10:30, but because of McCartney’s presence, they allowed a few extra songs to be played. Unfortunately, with no end in sight, they eventually decided enough was enough and pulled the plug.

I’m all for rules. Cities need ordinances, and contracts should be abided by. That being said, I totally understand why people are so pissed off. What do you think? Should Bruce and Paul have been allowed to play longer? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should The Sound Have Been Cut Off?

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