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Friends and family members may have noticed clear warning signs in Johnny Lewis’ recent behavior, but in no place were those bad omens more clearly documented than in the actor’s probation reports. Over dozens of pages, the documents outline everything from his various crimes to the threat he will continue to pose for the community moving forward.

According to People, one of the documents refers to Lewis as a public menace with “some form of chemical dependency, a mental health issue and a lack of permanent housing.” The probation officer who wrote the report advised an immediate mental health evaluation for “the future safety of the community”, but obviously, that didn’t prove to be enough. The actor spent thirty days in rehab, a bit of time in jail and then emerged for several days before allegedly killing his landlady, her cat and finally, himself.

There is no way for a court system to know who will raise hell if released back into society and who will become a contributing member. Clearly, no one in charge of his release thought it would come to this, but all of these warning signs should have meant something. There is no greater danger to society than a drug addict in the midst of a psychotic break, and that’s exactly what Lewis appears to have been. The jails in California might be overcrowded, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for people clearly unfit to peacefully co-exist with our society.

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