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At least one positive has come out of Nadya Suleman’s decision to seek help for her prescription drug dependency: it inspired her father to take a long look in the mirror. Ed Doud has reportedly struggled with the bottle for decades, but when he saw his daughter getting proactive, he decided to do the same. The seventy-one-year-old checked into the Chapman House Rehabilitation Center on Wednesday, and he’ll reportedly undergo a twenty-eight day treatment.

According to TMZ, the powers that be at Chapman House want both Nadya and Ed to focus on themselves right now; so, they’ve positioned the two at separate ends of the facility and haven’t allowed any interactions between the two. Eventually, when each takes a few steps forward, workers are reportedly hoping to bring the two together to hash out some issues and work toward being healthy in the future together.

This whole mess might sound like the premise for an obnoxious independent movie, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing in real life. What Nadya’s brood of children need more than anything else is a stable mother who is completely in control of her own behavior. Kicking her Xanax habit before it gets too bad is the first real step. Beyond that, however, I’m sure the kids would love to have grandparents to shower them with affection and take them on special outings.

Here’s to hoping everyone involved leaves Chapman in better shape than they entered, both mentally and physically.

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