Yesterday, Brooke Mueller was rushed to the hospital for, depending on who you believe, either dehydration/ exhaustion or a drug overdose. She was released within the hour, and if she has it her way, her twin boys will remain at her house and be cared for by her and her longtime live-in nanny.

Because estranged husband Charlie Sheen has been on the up and up for the last year or so and because Denise Richards is already a willing and able mother to the children she has with Sheen, there was much speculation that one of the two would be given the task of looking after Mueller’s kids in the short-term while she handled her dehydration or drug problems. According to TMZ, that’s definitely not going to happen, however, as a result of how capable and skilled she feels the help she already has is.

The only real wrench that could be thrown into the equation would be if Charlie decided he didn’t think Brooke was capable of looking after the boys. He would then need to go to court, and their recent harmony would likely devolve into a mess of in-fighting. Hopefully, if Brooke is able to quickly get her act together and prove this really was just dehydration/ exhaustion, attorneys and bickering won’t be necessary.

Here’s to hoping this is the last time we’ll hear about this mess for awhile.

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