If listening to music and coexisting alongside almost a hundred thousand other people without modern conveniences is your thing, you’ll probably be stoked about the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival’s lineup for 2013 because the specific artists chosen are great. If hanging out with hippies and drugs without a clear exit plan isn’t your cup of tea, you’re probably going to be really pissed about this year’s lineup because you’ll have to choose between listening to the incredible music and being with those hippies in Tennessee for days or doing neither.

From classic rock favorites like Paul McCartney and Tom Petty to more modern favorites like Mumford & Sons and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the participants cover a wide range of ages and music genres. To see a fuller list, check out Daniel Tosh in the official Bonnaroo lineup video below…

As always, the lineup has been criticized by a very vocal minority who think the selection committee should have stayed away from choosing so many popular musicians who have already played the festival. Still, most people should be very happy with the choices and no doubt a very high percentage of the eight thousand or so people planning to attend will have a great time between June 13 and 16.

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