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News that Beyoncé would be delaying her new single hit the airwaves last month. The track was initially supposed to be released on April 8, but now the singer’s newest has leaked online. The single is called “Grown Woman,” and if that sounds familiar, it’s because Pepsi was the first to get its hands on the track and release tidbits of the song as part of a commercial.

At the time, “Grown Woman” seemed less catchy and a little stranger than the stuff Beyoncé normally brings to the table, but even if the song doesn’t end up standing out among the singer’s long and storied list of singles, it does showcase her voice. Plus, I would definitely say the track is nine steps up from the random double track Beyoncé leaked in March called “Bow Down/ I Been On.”

I hate to be the one to point fingers, but the second this single dropped, all of the pregnancy rumors that have been all over the news have taken second stage to the release. I’m not one to usually go for conspiracy theories, but this seems carefully timed on some publicist’s part. I’m sure an official video for this track will hit YouTube and other outlets soon, and until then, we’ll keep you posted if Beyoncé cancels any more tour dates or behaves in a manner that is suspiciously pregnant.

Supposedly, the singer has a studio album in the works, and we'll let you know when more details concerning the full album breaks.

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