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The Stone Temple Pilots saga is seemingly never-ending. Just a few months after the band fired lead singer and songwriter Scott Weiland from the group, several lawsuits are keeping each of the band members and former band members tied up in courts. First, the remaining STP members sued Scott Weiland on May 24 for using the band’s name to promote his solo endeavors. Now, Weiland is suing the band, claiming they plotted in secret to be rid of him.

Basically, Weiland wants his former band to lose the rights to the name Stone Temple Pilots since they "conspired" to fire him. According to TMZ, the man is also asking for $7 million in damages, which would be pretty costly, even for a group that has been producing music or hitting the road for most of the past twenty or so years.

I’m not sure Weiland has much of a case. Early reports indicated the man was fired for numerous problems, but mostly for showing up late to gigs during the band’s 20th Anniversary Tour, as well as missing numerous promotional events. If all of that is true, I have trouble believing Weiland will be able to win his case, but maybe the remaining members of the band will back down, as well. After all, it sounds like they’ve mostly moved on, hiring Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington to perform on the road with the group. With a little luck, the guys will be able to come to some sort of agreement and to move forward.

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