Jon Gosselin may have been the more laid back and chill parent on Jon And Kate Plus Eight, but his temper ran hot yesterday when a photographer followed him onto private property. Exactly what the hell happened is a little bit fuzzy, but after an argument, he allegedly whipped out a gun and fired a warning shot into the air.

According to TMZ, Gosselin worked a shift at the Black Dog restaurant in Beckersville, Pennsylvania, where he’s currently a waitor. Afterwards, an unidentified female photographer got in her car and followed him, over some dirt roads, to this mysterious Internet-less, television-less cabin in the woods he’s currently living in. Once there, she started taking pictures of the house, and he allegedly exploded (emotionally). He told her to get off the property because she was trespassing, pulled out a gun and supposedly shot once into the air to let her know he meant business.

It seems pretty clear from the basic facts of the case that the photographer was on Jon’s private property and therefore very much in the wrong. Beyond that, it’s understandable why the former reality star wouldn’t be very excited about the general public being told what the house he lives in looks like, especially when his kids frequently stay there. That being said, as Walter from The Big Lebowski found out, you can’t just wave a gun around, even if you someone's toe slips over the line. Unless your life is being threatened, it’s always better to let the police deal with it.

As for what the involvement with the authorities might look like going forward, that’s still unclear. The mystery photographer was reportedly planning to file a police report today, but no one from the police department has commented publically on whether or not she actually did that and/ or whether or not shooting a gun in the air is a very serious offense in Pennsylvania.

Honestly, both Jon and his ex-wife Kate have more than enough on their plates to be thinking about crap like this. Hopefully, the matter is resolved sooner rather than later.

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