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Thanks to the shocking death of Adrian Peterson’s son, Ty, we’re learning a whole lot more about the NFL star’s personal life, and apparently, the deceased two-year-old isn’t the only child the general public didn’t know about. The running back allegedly impregnated a VIP waitress in Minnesota, and she gave birth to a daughter about three months ago.

According to TMZ, Peterson has fathered at least four children: a 6-year-old girl, a 2-year-old son named Adrian Peterson Jr who has been spotted at Vikings practices, the 2-year-old son who just passed away and this three-month-old daughter. The mother of the youngest hasn’t been identified publically, but she apparently gets along well with Peterson, dresses their daughter in Vikings gear and is very upset about the death of her daughter’s half-brother, which seems about right considering no one has accused Peterson of being a deadbeat.

You can say what you will about the intelligence of fathering so many children with so many different women, but Peterson seems to support all of the kids financially and contributes at least some of his time. The reason why he never met the child that just died was because he wasn’t told he was actually the father until a few months ago. Once a DNA test confirmed it, he reportedly started supporting the kid financially and made plans to visit him in the coming weeks. Sadly, that visit wound up taking place inside a hospital not long before young Ty passed away.

Hopefully, everyone in the NFL will look at this tragic situation, as well as their own shortened life expectancies and use them as motivation to start spending as much time with their children as possible. Life is too short not to be there for the small number of people who truly matter, most specifically family members.

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