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Kelly Clarkson hasn’t been very open about her impending nuptials since she and future husband Brandon Blackstock decided to cancel their big day and replace it with a more low-key day, but that doesn’t mean journalists haven’t worked on trying to pry the information out. To a certain extent, those efforts seem to have worked too.

Just days after Clarkson admitted to Access Hollywood that she’s tying the knot “like really soon”, People was able to confirm that the singer and her fiance requested and were granted a marriage license in Sumner County, just north of Nashville. So, that means the two lovers are either going to get married in that immediate area within the next thirty days, or God forbid, they’ll be forced to buy a new one for $95.00 (only $35.00 if they complete a premarital prep course). Taking it one step further, the outlet is speculating she'll tie the knot this weekend, but that's far from a guarantee.

To most of us, the idea of having a big honking wedding with all of our friends and family members sounds like a great time, but to people who spend their lives on stage being watched by others, it’s a whole lot less appealing. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell just got married at the court house for that very same reason. Hopefully, Clarkson and Blackstock will look back in thirty years and be just as comfortable with their wedding-less decision as they are now.

Over the past few months, Clarkson has been very open about her plans for the immediate future. In short, she wants a baby to go along with her future step-children whom she’s already happily raising. Hopefully, Blackstone is able to give that to her sooner rather than later, and their home will become an even more exciting place.

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