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Many of you probably know by now that Outkast is back! The Atlanta duo was announced late last week to headline Coachella and Governer’s Ball music festivals this summer, as well as multiple other festivals like Florida’s Big Guava, Counterpoint in Georgia, Firefly in Delaware, and Hangout Festival in Alabama. Don't get too excited about the Coachella Valley Music Festival, though. The California music festival sold out in less than three hours last week, beating its record of twenty three hours last year.

The great thing though, is that apparently Outkast is set to play upwards of forty other festivals this summer, which means we’ve only seen a fraction of their assigned dates so far. So while the Coachella lineup was impressive, and so is Big Guava’s, setting Vampire Weekend and Foster The People to also play, there are plenty other festivals of your choosing in which you can see Outkast tear it up this summer season.

Why is the ATLiens reuniting big news though? Sure, their music transcends genre more than most hip hop groups, but the bigger reason is that this will mark the first time in almost a decade Andre 3000 and Big Boi will play together on stage. And I’m sure this had a big impact on why Coachella sold out so quickly, which will most likely happen to the other festivals mentioned above.

Although both Andre 3000 and Big Boi have been hard at work on separate solo projects, like staring in a Jimi Hendrix biopic, it’s great to have them together again. (Missing one half of a band is like a Paul Simon tour. It’s just not right.) Another reason to be happy, is that there is also speculation of a new album in the works, which should make most of their fans extremely happy. (If only the same thing could be said for Simon & Garfunkel!)

So what festival will you go see them at this summer? Remember: even if you’re not a fan of hip hop, Outkast has most likely put out something you enjoyed. From the poppy Hey Ya, to their silent killer Ms. Jackson, the band is very good at crafting songs that everyone could enjoy; which is why I’m so excited to have Outkast back together again. I just hope they play Bonnaroo this year... Fingers crossed.

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