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As a cat person, nothing warms my heart more than adorable cat videos on the Internet, except for a good cuddle with a furry friend. A good chunk of the reason I begged my parents for high speed Internet back in the early 2000s was specifically to watch videos of cats doing cute things. Okay maybe not really, but you can't deny that you've watched a few or hundred or so cat videos in your time online.

In a YouTube clip from user Michael Thompson, Willie the Cat shows off his toilet paper rolling skills. Willie unravels an entire tube of toilet paper, which is pretty cute all on its own. Many cat owners have come home to unraveled toilet paper all over their bathroom floor, but Willie proves he's smarter than your average feline. He starts spinning the tube in the opposite direction, rewinding the paper onto the tube. I'm pretty convinced that Willie is the smartest cat on the planet. Even if his rewinding job is a little sloppy, he gets the job done. Even though there is only one Willie video on his owner's channel, I hope that there are some more of this intelligent kitty soon.

Cat videos have pretty much been around in one way or another since the Internet was invented. This means that there are a lot to watch . Some cat videos online have tens of millions of hits from across the world. From the every day ups and downs of kitty life to milestones, we can't quite get enough of our feline friends and their antics on screen. Dogs may be “man's best friend,” but cats are Internet famous, which is so much better.

One of my personal favorite cat clips on the Internet is one of a baby kitten having what seems to be a nightmare and getting a reassuring hug from her mama cat. It's ridiculously adorable and reminds me of hugs from my own mother as a kid, and all those times I hugged my cat too tight she decided I needed some scratch marks on my face. Even if you're not a cat person, I guarantee this video might make you love cats a little more. Check out the video below and prepare yourself for some pretty intense cuteness.

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