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The waves, this ships gonna fight ‘em off. A seven sea of treachery couldn’t hold it back. Why? Because this shit is blasting "Seven Nation Army" over the fog horns because it's the perfect way to prepare for an awesome journey and very mediocre drum playing. The crowd seems to love it well enough, but the blasts of all those horns had to really tick off someone in the distance!

If I was in the crowd in this video and someone around me wasn’t having it, I’d put my foot behind them and push them to the ground! Jack White is and forever will be the man in whatever he does. I know there are a lot of negative critics to his various projects and music, obviously I’m not one of them. I love the cruddy sounding guitar effect that feel like they could rattle your stomach inside out and the dirty grunge of his sophmore solo album Lazaretto has tons of it.

Back to the original song though, Seven Nation Army is the ultimate track. It’s not in the slightest bit complex and has been performed by thousands of bar bands every Saturday night since its release. Due to it’s simplicity, it can even be played by the crappiest of bands and you’ll still enjoy it. The simplistic riff has been replicated in many forms outside of the fog horn instrument, and has replaced the popular “Braves Chant” at many athletic events in recent years…

It’s just one of those perfect songs. You can hear it and get pumped for whatever is coming your way. Full disclosure here, the only reason I saw GI Joe 2 was because there was a remix to Seven Nation Army in the trailer by The Glitch Mob. Okay I was probably going to see that movie anyway, but the fact that they threw that in there had me more excited to see it at least…

Is it the best White Stripes song? No, not by a long shot. It is, however, the most recognizable and still an awesome song none the less. You’re welcome for getting it in your head by the way.

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