The White Stripes were a band both wildly popular and occasionally musically polarizing that produced six studio albums and toured all over the world. Even before breaking up, band lead Jack White pursued several side projects, including The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs. Post the White Stripes official “calling it quits” press release in 2011, White has been touring solo, under his own moniker. The solo tour and the official break-up were enough to make fans understand The White Stripes were no longer simply on hiatus, but for anyone who still had a bit of hope in their back pockets, White is ready and willing to shoot those hopes down.

Recently, the “Love Interruption” singer gave an interview with Dutch news station, Nieuwsuurr, where he spoke out about the status of The White Stripes, with little hope for a reunion.
"No. I don't think that could ever happen; it's all done. But the lord works in mysterious ways so there'll probably be something better to come out of me one day. I hope so, I've got nothing better to do."

Despite the possibility of a White Stripes reunion being dashed, the 36-year-old musician says he continues to be serious about his craft, even avoiding vacations and having a family to dedicate himself to his music. To the musician, using the word "artist" to describe himself is a dangerous term.

“I think when you give yourself away…there’s some people would say I am an artist, like they would be at a party sipping champagne and telling people “I am an artist,” you know. If you are gonna say that word, if you’re really gonna talk about art like that, I mean you really need to have a responsibility to the art, I think. That’s a dangerous thing to say out loud ‘I am an artist’ it’s like saying I am in love. You know, you better mean it.”

You can check out Jack White’s fist solo endeavor, Blunderbuss in stores, today.

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