The Worst Fake Guitar Playing You Will Ever See Happened On Live TV

A live performance from a band awhile back took a hilarious dive thanks to the guitar player's complete ineptitude at pretending, and now, the footage is making its way around the Internet again. I take that back, the guitarist doesn’t just suck at pretending, she acts as though she’s never even heard the song before. She then sets the whole thing off by staring straight ahead with this odd vacant stare that resembles something out of a horror movie. You know it’s a weird video when you have to cover three things before you get to the fact someone is not wearing pants.

The internet lore of the video says that the two women accompanying Polish pop singer Patricia Patty are not bandmates. Someone believed, not quite sure who, that Polish models with no musical experience would add to the performance. I thought maybe at first she was angry she couldn’t showcase her talent as a musician and was doing it to spite the television show, but then I realized she’s holding the guitar upside down so I’m going to have to say this video is legit. At least the television producers attempted to make it look real by plugging in her instrument to an amp, unlike the Red Hot Chili Peppers at their Super Bowl performance.

That’s not entirely fair to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, however, as many other actual musicians have been forced to do this in their career. An especially hilarious, and relevant example would be when Muse was asked to lip sync a performance on an Italian talk show. Not only did the band act like they couldn’t play their instruments, they had the lead singer playing drums in back, guitarist on keyboard, and keyboard on guitar as lead vocals.

So, while it isn’t a completely uncommon thing for a celebrity band to do, it still doesn’t change the fact that the television show did absolutely nothing to hide the fact the guitarist was terrible at faking. Why would you zoom in and show that she hasn’t moved her hands since the song started? Furthermore, if you’re going to give her a guitar and a fancy amp, why not at least give her a guitar pick so she can at least hit the strings instead of that limp dead fish hand she’s giving it! There are so many things wrong with this situation I grow weary of listing them, so let me just close with a fantastic cover of the song.

Mick Joest
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