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Unfortunately, Harambe the gorilla doesn't get to live on in the magical world of Harry Potter. On Thursday, J.K. Rowling clarified that the late gorilla is in fact not a possible Patronus in the newly released Patronus quiz on her website Pottermore. Why did people get it into their heads that Harambe was even an option, you ask? This meme got it started...

The clarification came after J.K. Rowling retweeted the above doctored image from the photo and meme aggregation site The Chive, which made it appear as though Harambe was a possible result in the Pottermore quiz. Rowling later posted the following Tweet, denying the Harambe Patronus...

So, no; sadly Harambe was not reborn as a mystical Patronus. But at least the photo is good for a laugh, which is why J.K. Rowling enjoyed it. The author admitted that she found the image "very funny."

The Patronus image is the latest in an overwhelming outpouring of memes and Internet jokes about the controversial death of the gorilla Harambe by officials at the Cincinnati Zoo. This summer, Harambe was shot in order to protect a three-year-old boy who had climbed into his enclosure. The episode sparked national debate over whether the situation could have been handled differently to spare Harambe's life. After fervor began to fizzle, the late gorilla became a fascination among many people online, who continue to share memes, jokes, and even merchandise of Harambe.

The online fervor for Harambe jokes became so widespread that the director of Cincinnati Zoo even responded to it, saying he is "not amused" by the various memes to the Associated Press. Of course, that didn't stop the Harambe obsession, as memes and images such as the one J.K. Rowling retweeted continue to flourish online.

For the Harambe-loving Internet crowd, J.K. Rowling's new Patronus quiz was the perfect target to insert their favorite late gorilla into. Rowling put the quiz up on her Harry Potter companion website Pottermore on Thursday to allow fans to take a quick, intuitive quiz that reveals which animal their Patronus would be.

Though Harambe is not an option, J.K. Rowling did confirm that some of the mythical beasts in the Harry Potter world are possible Patronus results in the quiz, including unicorns, occamies, and hippagriffs! Take the quiz for yourself right here.

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