Just because someone is dead, that doesn't mean they've stopped making tons of money. In fact, there are some deceased celebrities who manage to continue to make money, long after they've passed.

Forbes more than proved that point on Thursday, by publishing its list of the highest earning dead celebrities of 2016. The list ranks the 13 deceased celebrities whose estates brought in the most money this year, and unsurprisingly includes a few of the many stars that passed away in 2016, including David Bowie (who didn't manage to crack the top 5). Here are the top five dead stars that are still bringing in the millions.

Prince - $25 million

Prince's death by drug overdose earlier this year shocked the world. The fact that the Purple One was still touring for part of the year helped his earnings, but what really put him up on the list is all of his heartbroken fans buying up his albums and playing his songs to remember him after his death.

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