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After everything a bride goes through to look absolutely beautiful on her big day, she obviously wants to share some pictures of herself. Well, sadly, one angry groom just wouldn't allow it, and divorced the woman that he married just two hours earlier after discovering that she was sending photos on Snapchat during their wedding ceremony. Now that's a guy who really hates technology, I guess.

Apparently, the groom had issued a binding agreement to his bride that she would not post photos of herself from their wedding day to any social media, reports Metro UK. The wedding took place on Saturday in Saudi Arabia, and the bride chose not to keep up her end of the agreement, and wound up sending Snapchat photos of the ceremony to her girlfriends.

Perhaps the bride, like pretty much anyone would, assumed the agreement was some sort of joke or overdramatic request, but her new husband wasn't laughing when he found out about the social media usage. Instead, he chose to divorce her just two hours after saying "I do," making Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries seem like an eternity. If you started watching Titanic right when they got married, you'd still have another hour to go in the movie when they got divorced.

The bride's brother has the whole story about the insane Snapchat-inspired instant divorce.

There was a prenuptial agreement between my sister and her fiancé that she would not use social media applications such as Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter to post or send her pictures. It was included in the marriage contract and became binding. Regretfully, my sister did not honor the pledge and used Snapchat to share pictures from the wedding ceremony with her female friends, resulting in the shocking decision by the groom to cancel their marriage and call for divorce.

Though we don't have a lot of reasoning behind the groom's intense hatred of social media or photographs, his family stood behind his rash decision to get a divorce right away over such a seemingly small issue. Reportedly, his family argued that it is within his rights to call for the divorce since the agreement he and his bride had made was broken. The bride's family, on the other hand, argued that the agreement had been unfair from the start, and such a minute action shouldn't be the grounds for a divorce, especially such a quick one.

Unfortunately, since we don't know much about the groom's view of things, it's pretty difficult to understand why he would demand that his bride not share photos of herself from their wedding day online. Is he a crazy jealous dude who can't stand to have photos of his wife-to-be online? Does he just vehemently hate technology for some reason? Or maybe this was just an occasion he wanted kept off social media, and he hoped his new bride honor that. Who knows?

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