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Apparently Katherine Jackson's home life has been pretty frightening recently! The 86-year-old mother of Michael Jackson is accusing her live-in nephew of abusing her at their Calabasas, California home.

A Los Angeles court has just granted Katherine Jackson a restraining order against her nephew Trent Lamar Jackson, TMZ reported. In the papers that she filed, Katherine accuses her nephew of elder abuse, saying that he manipulated her in order to take control of her finances and that he actively limits communication between her and her children. Katherine states that the years of psychological abuse that Trent has inflicted on her have caused her to live in a state of constant confusion and fear.

Getting into the specifics, Katherine Jackson claims that Trent Jackson, who is her nephew through marriage, has stolen money from her accounts and has strong-armed his way into living in her guest house without paying rent. Furthermore, she says that the only place she can freely speak to her children on the phone is if she hides from Trent in a closet. She claims that some of her famous children are willing to testify against Trent in court if need be, namely her eldest daughter Rebbie Jackson.

Katherine Jackson

Although Katherine Jackson's claims against her nephew constitute mental abuse, she says that she is also very fearful that Trent Jackson could begin to physically abuse her as well. Katherine is currently in London visiting her daughter Janet Jackson, and she writes in her documents that she is scared to return home because she believes Trent will lash out physically against her when he finds out that she is requesting a restraining order.

Now that he knows his conduct will be revealed, she fears what he may do to her upon her return.

Though Katherine Jackson was granted her restraining order against her nephew, and Trent Jackson is legally required to remain at least 100 yards away from her at all times, return his keys and move out of the house, it sounds like keeping him at bay may be easier said than done. Katherine claims that she had already attempted to fire Trent as her driver (a position that he makes a nearly 6-figure salary from reportedly) earlier this month, but he refused. She had police officers and her lawyer on the way as she was attempting to fire him, but he drove off before they arrived.

The court has scheduled a hearing on the matter for March 1. In the meantime, Katherine Jackson will probably be remaining in London to steer clear of her nephew, and Trent Jackson will hopefully stay put and not do anything drastic. Lord knows that the jackson family has already been through enough public drama for a thousand lifetimes.