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It's very evident that we are in an incredibly tumultuous political situation right now, with both sides viciously attacking one another, but Whoopi Goldberg thinks that one recent stunt directed at Tiffany Trump was more mean-spirited than anything else. Though Goldberg has made it clear that she opposes much of Donald Trump's policies, she doesn't think that same ill will should randomly be extended to his daughter Tiffany.

On Wednesday's episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg stood up for Tiffany Trump following reports that people refused to be seated next to her during a New York Fashion Week runway show. Goldberg saw the move as ridiculous, since it had nothing to do with politics, and offered to sit next to Tiffany at upcoming fashion shows.

You know what, Tiffany? I'm supposed to go to a couple more shows, I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm coming to sit with you. Because nobody is talking politics at the [shows], you're looking at fashion! She doesn't want to talk about her dad. She's looking at the fashion!

Whoopi Goldberg went on to say that she knows what it feels like for people to not want to sit by her, and wants to support Tiffany Trump in an apolitical way.

Later that day, Tiffany Trump accepted Whoopi Goldberg's offer to sit by her in a tweet.

The topic came up after fashion writer Christina Binkley posted a tweet saying that the people who were assigned to sit next to Tiffany Trump at designer Philipp Plein's fashion show on Monday moved seats. In a subsequent tweet, Binkley clarified that Trump wasn't actually sitting alone for long, writing that after the people next to her moved seats, others took their place within minutes.

While discussing the incident, the women of The View also brought up Donald Trump's other daughter Ivanka Trump, whose fashion lines were recently dropped from Nordstrom following a boycott, causing her father to send out one of his signature angry tweets. Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that boycotting Ivanka's clothing is different from this treatment of Tiffany Trump, since the former would involve giving the family money. Additionally, the panel pointed out that Tiffany is the one Trump child (aside from 10-year-old Barron Trump) who has not been given a position of political power within their father's administration.