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Amy Schumer recently enjoyed a reminder of the sentiment that people from the Midwest are kind, and she decided to pay it forward in a big way. The 35-year-old comedic actress was on a jog in Chicago when nature called. In search of a restroom, Schumer paid a visit to a mattress store as a last resort. To Schumer's surprise, the manager was gracious enough to help her. The kind gesture impressed Schumer so much that she decided one good turn deserved another and bought a $2,000 mattress right there on the spot.

Sagine Lazarre, the manager of the Chicago mattress store Six Corners Mattress Firm, gave Amy Schumer permission to use the restroom. The gesture was simple enough, but according to People, Schumer approached Lazarre before leaving the store and asked which of the store's products she liked best. Then the kindhearted comedian bought the one Lazarre preferred and gave it to her as a gift. Perhaps the best part of the story is that the woman did not recognize Schumer. In fact, after the brief encounter, Sagine Lazarre did a quick Internet search to figure out who she was. Check out what Lazarre told the local news about what she felt upon discovering whom she had helped:

It's amazing---mind blowing. I'm still shocked. After she left, I Googled her name. The lady that was right there talking to me [was] Amy Schumer. It was amazing. Unbelievable.

The mattress store employee said the $2,000 mattress would be a gift for her daughter, who had moved to an apartment. In other words, the woman did a good deed. The recipient of that good deed did one for her in return. Now the woman is again doing something nice for someone else. What a heartwarming story.

These days, Amy Schumer is a movie star. In fact, her film Snatched with Goldie Hawn hits theaters May 12. But it wasn't always so glamorous for her. Schumer's father owned a furniture store in New York City when she was young, but her family went bankrupt by the time she was a teenager, and that experience changed her life. Perhaps being in the mattress store reminded the humble star of her upbringing. Schumer's gesture was profound, and it highlights what a wonderful person she must be.

So, the lessons in this story are as follows. First, be helpful and kind to people because you never know if the person you meet is best-selling author Amy Schumer, the first woman to join the Forbes list of highest-paid comedians. Secondly, if someone is nice to you, be kind to them in return, perhaps by purchasing them a small---or, in this case, large---gift. Finally, if you ever feel like taking a jog in Chicago, be sure to take stock of where the bathrooms and mattress stores are before you go.

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