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Reportedly, Carmelo Anthony is in the doghouse with La La Anthony amid rumors they are divorcing and she might get custody of their son. However, if their social media activities are any evidence, Carmelo is at least working to keep the lines of communication open. La La Anthony appeared at a red carpet event with their ten-year-old son, Kiyan Anthony. The former MTV VJ documented the moment by sharing a lovely photo of Kiyan and herself to social media. She received an outpouring of supportive comments. In fact, one comment came from Carmelo Anthony himself.

The New York Knicks basketball player posted a concise but warm "Love y'all" in the comments section folllowing La La's emotional post, which described how her son knows her heart. There is a lot to unpack about the post and comment, especially now that rumors indicate La La Anthony could get custody of Kiyan. Check out the photo here, and continue reading below for details on the interaction.

La La Anthony posted the image to her Instagram account this week. The Power star used the caption to show how much she loves her son, who escorted her for the occasion. After all, the event was VH1's Dear Mama, a Mother's Day event La La Anthony cohosted. Wearing a gorgeous orange gown by Zachary The Label, La La Anthony beamed with pride. But we have to wonder how she felt when she saw the "Love y'all" post from her husband.

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony supposedly separated earlier this year amid rumors he cheated and got the other woman pregnant. Nevertheless, La La Anthony is refusing to let rumors keep her down. The author of The Power Playbook: Rules for Independence, Money and Success continues showing everyone how powerful she is by putting her best foot forward at events, such as this one and the 2017 Met Gala.

Still, recent reports indicate the couple is working out challenging details, such as the custody of young Kiyan Anthony. Reports allege that La La Anthony is most likely going to receive custody, while Carmelo Anthony will be allowed to see Kiyan when he wants. That report suggests the split could be amicable, which would be better for their son. Moreover, reports say the spouses do not want to involve the court in the details of the divorce. Plus, La La Anthony reportedly maintains Carmelo Anthony is a great dad, and she believes they deserve to share quality time together.

Although Carmelo Anthony's comment reads like a sincere expression of love, it also carries a certain sorrowful tone because of everything going on in the couple's world at the moment. Some observers may wonder if the post is a last-ditch effort to reach out for forgiveness. Others may question its sincerity. However, it mostly seems like he misses his family and feels the weight of what is going on.

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