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Reality television personality Jenelle Evans of MTV's Teen Mom franchise has reached a court agreement with her estranged mother, Barbara Evans, who has custody of Jenelle Evans' seven-year-old son, Jace Evans. The family members went to court to work out the details of the custody agreement. According to Jenelle Evans, the outcome of the conference was positive. In fact, the 25-year-old mother of three seemed to appreciate how she fared, saying,

I'm not restricted to when my mom says I can have my son anymore, and at the moment, that's all I care about. [I] just want to spend time with my son. He will be home one day but today wasn't the day, sadly.

In a recent interview, Jenelle Evans explained the court meeting was tense and she burst into tears at one point. In the end, primary custody of Jace Evans stayed with Barbara Evans, per E! News. Reportedly, the arrangement is similar to what the family already had in place, but now there is a specific visitation schedule. Jace Evans will visit his mom on weekends and holidays and during the summer months. Although the agreement does indicate the case will not go to trial, Jenelle Evans plans to return to court in a year to prove her compliance with the terms and try to win back custody of her son.

Jenelle Evans' attorney, Heather D. Kaemmer, explained her client gained a sense of control from the new terms, as the schedule means Barbara Evans no longer has all of the say when it comes to Jenelle Evans spending time with her son. Moreover, Kaemmer indicated the new stipulations allow Jenelle Evans to talk with school personnel and medical staff who might deal with Jace Evans, and she has direct access to information and records regarding him.

It sounds like times are tough for Jenelle Evans, but it turns out, this news is the best thing we've heard related to her in recent memory. In the past, Evans made headlines when she lost custody of her son and broke up with his father. Then she married someone else, split up with him after a month, got back together with him, and split from him again. Then she got into a blowout fight with that man, and when police arrived at the scene, they allegedly found heroin and charged both Evans and her husband with possession with intent to sell. Finally, Evans and her husband divorced.

After all that, if Jenelle Evans is in a place where her life is stable enough for the court to give her a custody schedule, perhaps she is back on the right track. Moreover, Jenelle Evans is now engaged to a new man, so maybe he can help her patch up the damage of her past and move forward in a positive direction.

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