Elton John on a talk show

In the world of classic rock, there are few artists quite as prolific as Sir Elton John. The British singer/songwriter has a massive catalogue, full of hits that are still very much apart of the pop culture lexicon today. John's songs are also often used in movie and TV, as they're able to translate to a variety of settings, scenes, and time periods. With televised performances alongside greats like Lady Gaga and Eminem, he's got the potential to appeal to all different generations of music fans. Unfortunately, he just announced that his final tour will be his last, as he wants to stay home and focus on his two sons. He recently shared how his children influenced this decision, saying:

It is all about them. I love my boys. I hate being away from them, and I've had so many wonderful memories from touring. I have done over 4,000 shows, and I love performing, but I love my sons more.

It looks like the grueling touring schedule is something Sir Elton John want no part of into his 70s. And while he can no doubt physically do the job, the thought of being away from his two sons truly seems too painful for the legendary singer to endure.

Elton John's decision to quit touring will no doubt shock many, as he's historically been a work horse who continues to play shows for his many fans. But John has been touring non-stop for nearly 50 years, so fans will have to understand if he'd like to finally spend a little more time at home. While his announcement about the lack of touring maintained he's in quite good health, the man is also a 70 year old rock star who has earned some time off.

The singer's comments to Entertainment Tonight reveal how when Elton John's two sons were smaller, touring wasn't as much of an issue. But as they're getting older and missing their father, the distance is just too much.

When they were younger, we took them everywhere because they were portable. And then, of course, when they start proper school, they have a schedule. And they sat down and showed me the curriculum, and I said, 'What are we going to do in the future? When is this going to stop?' And I said, 'I really want to stop.'

It looks like Elton John's touring lifestyle has been a frequent conversation between him and his husband David Furnish. Ultimately the living legend decided that enough was enough, and family had to come first.

Of course, Elton John is still going to remain busy, albeit without touring. He'll still be performing live, and was recently seen as a supporting role in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Perhaps his musical biopic Rocket Man will also be able to get off the ground with his new schedule.

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